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Need help finding Niang blocking video

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by froglash88, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. This morning, I received a Twitter notification with a video of Lucas Niang absolutely dominating a defensive lineman. It was a run play for a fair large gain, maybe 15+ yards. Niang blocked his guy just as far as the run. Does anyone know where I can find it? My Twitter notifications are different from when I first saw them this morning? Where do the notifications that you looked at end up? Thanks for your help. I’m sure I’ll be made fun of.
  2. YouTube has condensed versions of every big 12 game. 30 minutes each. So if you know when in the game it was you could find it from there.
  3. This one?
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  4. Yes
    Big thank you
  5. DE that he’s blocking is a true freshman that was a 5 star...Both he and Niang will be pros one day..Niang owned him
  6. That's a big boy. My goodness, he just picks up Anderson at the end like a toddler.
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  7. Speaking of Niang, is the knee pad requirement no longer in effect? He is the most egregious violator, but not the only one on our teams. Their pants don’t even reach the knee to allow for a knee pad. Are refs no longer enforcing this?
  8. Saw that tweet and looked, but can't find it. It was some NFL draft "guru" I think. Impressive push down the field for sure.
  9. Smart way to avoid being made fun of by beating everyone to the punch.

    Now go buy "Google Searches for Dummies" at your local half price books and consider yourself made fun of.
  10. Show me where you can find that tweet on google.
  11. Must not be, because there is no doubt Reggie Smith’s crew would have been all over it.
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