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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Prince of Purpoole, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. There are already way too many here. They may be nice folks but boy are they hefty. Y’all need to get down to Scholmaier
  2. Fight them! And YouTube it. Beat the hell out of some cornhusker!
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  3. Accurate
  4. Worldstar bruh
  5. Would prefer to be most anyplace other than where I am presently. This includes Caracas. But I’ll have to settle for watching the Frogs, Huskers and their jumbo sized fans on television from Dawson County.
  6. Lots of Husker fans in the club seats. I’d rather see them open those to students frankly
  7. Guess I shoulda put the sarcasm font.
  8. That’s a key attendance strategy..... when you weigh twice as much as the average human it takes half as many of you to make a stadium/arena look full. Perhaps that’s our problem, our fans are too skinny.
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  9. Haha I guess I should have too?
  10. Lots of Nebraska alums live in DFW. Is what it is
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  11. I don’t know why our fans were so lackadaisical about this game. They have shown their true colors.
  12. Lol I get that I was just hoping there were a lot of TC fans in Fort Worth as well
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  13. Fan base isn’t the most loyal right now in any sport imo
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  14. If I’m honest it’s just a little hyperbole. TCU folks have filled in nicely.
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  15. BS walk call against bane. Then miss two against Nebraska in the same possession.
  16. Is this the game thread?

    Dear god these announcers are so terrible.
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  17. Bad stretch by the frogs currently
  18. Nebraska coach will have a technical by the end of the game.

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