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Nebraska and Iowa

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Fosterpark Squatter, Aug 10, 2020.

  1. Nebraska and Iowa were the only 2 big ten teams to vote for a season. Now is the perfect time to get the B12 back to 12.
  2. I don't think Iowa would ever consider being in conference with Iowa State although the two play each other OOC....
  3. It's 2020, man. Anything can happen...
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  4. Big 10 says no vote was held
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  5. nebraska isn't coming back to the big 12 and why would the big 12 want two schools in the state of iowa?
  6. Corn!

    Lots of freakin corn.
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  7. Much smarter to just wait until the PAC cancels and then go permanently rescue AZ and ASU....Now is the perfect time for expansion.
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  8. Bob Bowlsby, the commissioner of the Big XII, is an Iowa alum....

    Nebraska is now in a conference with Rutgers and Maryland.

    Crazier things have happened like West Virginia is in the Big XII.

    Just sayin'
  9. I feel like Iowa and Neb would bring more tv viewers. Neb fans want back in its just the admins who don't but the current situation may change their mind.
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  10. bowlsby should be glad he gets a freaking check for all he has done so forget iowa and hell no to nebraska.

    clear our west virginia, go get colorado and the two arizona's
  11. iowa the state is about 3.5M, they do draw heavy from chicago, but why double down in a state that small

    scheiss nebraska......
  12. Looks like we have some open dates on the schedule.
  13. Important to remember is that much of expansion happens do to both angst and opportunity. If not for COVID both Neb and Iowa would be very happy, as both are making a killing in the B10. My point is that going west is the only realistic opportunity for expansion and if its ever going to happen. You could offer AZ, ASU more money and access to better recruiting. You can't offer that to NEB, Iowa, or Arky who's name comes up often. None of those schools are looking to leave their respective conferences. AZ and ASU are in a failing conference
  14. If you are looking for Bowelsby to take some aggressive stance on anything...you have another think coming.
  15. 100% a vote was held but the powers that be are getting some backlash that they didn’t expect.
  16. After hearing your argument/statement I agree. It would be great to see a game between one of the Arizona schools at the new Las Vegas Stadium on a off campus game at least once. Kind of like a Jerryworld game. Just a thought.
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  17. Get CSU. Then UNLV. Two better destinations than Iowa and Nebraska.
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  18. Nebraska is coming to realize that without consistent exposure to Texas, their football program is just a colder, flatter, classier Arkansas.
  19. Ouch!
  20. In Nebraska's case, IMO it has more to do with them not being one of a handful of teams of national TV like the old days. They used to be able to recruit very well nationally because of that. No more since every single P5 team is on what is basically national TV every week.

    Their heyday was when they were in the Big 8 and had zero Texas ties.
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