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NBC Sports: Redskins assistant coach witnessed Barret Robbins' early mental-health issues

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  1. Redskins assistant coach witnessed former Raider Barret Robbins' early mental-health issues

    Brian McNally
    NBC Sports Washington

    Sports Uncovered is a six-part weekly podcast series that explores the stories that took the national sports world by storm. The newest episode, The Mysterious Disappearance That Changed A Super Bowl, dives into how Oakland Raiders star center Barret Robbins missed Super Bowl XXXVII in 2003 after 24 hours of partying.

    Barret Robbins was just a junior at Texas Christian when his manic episodes began.

    A potent mixture of steroids, alcohol and marijuana left the future NFL offensive lineman in a daze. It felt like he was sleepwalking. Driving to Austin from his school in Fort Worth, not really knowing what he was doing, seeking some level of attention, he smashed the window of a car dealership.

    Robbins had no intention of taking anything. But it looked like he was trying to burglarize the place. So, Austin police arrested him. It was so out of character, his TCU coaches, including current Redskins tight ends coach Pete Hoener, weren't sure what to make of the episode.

    Read more at https://sports.yahoo.com/redskins-assistant-coach-witnessed-former-023754419.html

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