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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Francis Xav, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. Last night was great to watch. Obviously, with most teams, if you shoot the ball like we did it is almost impossible to lose. But What I liked most was the ease at which our offense ran. Obviously GM isn't Xavier, but they look every bit as put together as say Clemson, and USC.

    It also seemed as though our Effort was better on both sides. More Conviction on drives, Etc.

    The freshmen finally played well together and Smith seems to be feeling more comfortable. He can handle the ball and drive well for a guy his size.

    My overall view is that the Big 12 is not nearly as Strong at the top as it was last year, but OK State may help balance the middle out.

    If we can somehow get even 75% of last night's performance consistently, we can be really really good as the younger guys continue to grow.

    Also, considering Clemson and USC were losses by a combined, what, 3 points(?) I am not worried as some of you are. 19 Games left with the Arkansas game in between, which right now looks to be a solid test. Hopefully, we can beat a few teams near the top of the big 12 this year and have stronger wins.
  2. Quit being positive or people are going to say you’re delusional.
  3. Purple Glasses. How dare you??? Jamie Dixon is on the hot seat.
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  4. With such a young team, I still think our best basketball is ahead of us. It will help if Bane takes control like last night. I think learning a few lesson in non-conference instead of cake walking through easy teams will help us as well.
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    With this young talent, we are going to win some conference games we weren't expected to, and lose some we shouldn't. I still think with the new talent on the team along with the recruits we've signed I feel positive going forward.
  6. That was definitely the best I've seen the offense flow all year. There was very little holding the ball and extended dribbling. We whipped the ball from side to side, got penetration when an opportunity presented itself, and almost all of our 3's were open catch and shoot looks after good ball movement and man movement.

    Who knows if that will continue or not but maybe the young guys have turned a corner and learned how best to play together. We're not going to shoot that well every game obviously but if we're defending well and executing the offense at that level then there's no reason to think we can't shoot it better than we had for most of the season before last night.

    And Fuller looks like he's on the way to becoming a star. If he keeps improving his decision making, taking better shots and not forcing things off the dribble then he's going to be tough to stop. He already plays with a lot of intensity on defense.
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  7. That was definitely the best game that the entire team has played at one time. Bane was light’s out. Need more of that. Smith and Farabello both made some great shots and PJ was slicing and dicing. PJ has really been coming on the last few games and I think he is key to having a good year. That was a fun game to watch. George Mason at 11-1 coming in was no slouch and that was a solid win. Keep that up and we might sneak out 8 more wins but it will take that level of effort and execution to pull it off.
  8. i think you hit two huge keys country for tcu going forward this season.

    focus on the things they can control in half court defense and running the offense. shooting will come and go, but moving the ball can be a constant.

    when the ball stops moving in the hands of a single dribbler bad things start to happen.

    all easy to do when things are going well, but now the challenge comes in the form of teams who know your offense, teams with similar or in some cases better athletes.

    i think the young players have a very high ceiling and can deliver a high level of play, will they be given the room to take over? will the unselfish play continue when things don't go well in conference play?

    we will find out soon enough
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  9. This got me excited!
  10. The GM game reminded me of the USC game last year. Everything was falling for us. Those types of games are great, but won't happen often.

    I have to admit after getting totally dominated by Xavier I was not expecting a blow out win. The positive i took out of it is when we are not at a size disadvantage we will always have a shot. But we are still really overmatched against teams with more than one good big man. Samuel is really coming on but it would be nice to have an old school power forward/enforcer beside him.

    Conference play is going to be a beast.
  11. ISU just lost to Florida A&M. Not sure if that is a good or bad sign.
  12. Im telling you, all teams have had some wacky things happen. Big 12 does not scare me.
  13. 2-9 Florida A&M more specifically.
  14. matter of consistency.

    the conference schedule lays out as welcoming as possible for the frogs.
  15. I think it's like a yield sign. It's just there but it doesn't actually mean anything at all.
  16. Like I said we are a few bounces from 11-1. Clemson we were clearly the better team.

    I didnt even think we were super outmatched against Xavier, moreso just shot awful.

    There are 2 big 12 teams that should wack us.

    Others, not sure. We are as athletic as any team in Big 12 , but our skill level has to improve(consistency)

    We shall see
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  17. tech up by 6 at half in lubbock against ok state.

    raiders aren't at last year's level, but cowboys are better. their win at houston is solid and they might surprise some this year.
  18. Well that didn’t hold
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  19. [​IMG]

    really, really like those two freshman for tech.

    best half they have played this year and if they get that type of effort from those two plus moretti and clark they have higher offensive ceiling than last year.

    i still think ok state is a quality club and i thin they are going to win some games, but tech just went to another level in the second half.

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