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Most astounding anti-TCU StarT article yet

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Brog, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. I knew a girl with that name too. All of her siblings were also named after countries that parents had visited. Her sister, Upper Volta was two years ahead of me in school.
  2. The fact that her mother works at TCU and teaches minorities is a pretty good reason. It seems the whole family has issues, and if I were a minority, I sure wouldn’t want my academic and professional future in her hands.
  3. Not even remotely what I was saying. You’d have to be an idiot to infer that. Perhaps that’s where you went wrong.
  4. im just trying to figure out which one of yall is the dad. seem to be several candidates.
  5. It's clear you're the daughter.
  6. To investigate the daughter? No it’s not.
  7. I thought the implication is she is currently a student at TCU. I mean, not right now because it's the summer, but she isn't a graduate and could / will be back in the fall?
  9. 2 years on Frog Fan Forum?
  10. I had no idea I was flashing a white power gesture with fellow divers - the "OK" gesture is what you use in scuba to ask if/answer everything is fine.
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  11. Scuba has always been racist.
  12. Yea. What about those wet suits? How come they're always black? Are they putting on some kind of minstrel show down there?
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. bad decisions from a group of people.

    ...and, ruining a perfectly good hand sign.

    Damn - It's time to open some beers and try to forget all this silliness.
  15. To be fair, I also knew a girl named America from my hometown. She made even worse dating decisions than India but wasn’t as hot...had more of a white trash hotness about her.

    Guess some of the parents in my hometown really liked Geography.
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  16. WB
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  17. I give the OKAY sign all the time. Most trained SCUBA divers do out of habit to acknowledge a communication has been received and your status is good to go. You don't want to give a "thumbs up" signal which means you are done with the dive and intend to surface.

    TCU needs to cut all ties with this family. Let the current student finish and leave after graduation.
  18. They could really save some money if they cut back on Bud Kennedy's expenses...i.e. lunch money.
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  19. If I ever wanted attention on this website all I have to do is start a conversation about racist behavior.
    Man, you guys don't play!
    It's like listening to a bunch of reverse discrimination rebuttals.
    I would recommend using some of that energy resolving the issues rather than resisting.
    Progress fellas. It's called progress.
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