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mods...u ruined a teachable moment

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by hindry, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. Because a college BoD today would never vote not to invite a sitting President to speak, amirite?
  2. That Lee Harney Oswaldt done some bad things but I don't not know what Bob Sheffer done. Was he a footbal playor??

    Yuo all come to the grindering yard on Saterdey. I'll be doing the grindering challeng with a teem of Russean grinders
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  3. Not sure how sophisticated Earls humor is.
    Ya think he knows Russean grinders is code for what businessmen line item on their travel vouchers to Moscow?
  4. Ugh...the one time I wished the redirects would hit me.
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  5. Thought this thread was going to be about elk sex.
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  6. Not sure if you are referring to the post above or the original topic. But...

  7. so let's see. today on
    a slow newsday the nixion fan forum has dozens of threads linking to articles and of course no one replys. it used to be that and interesting thread could keep a slow posting day going. i think since your comment at Killingsworth what in Nov. was your last comment at Killingsworth. hardly the go to place.

    now if you think the TCU Board of Directors changing the course of history is less interesting than the current owner's of KFC monitizing our posts, i can only say you have got your wish.

    between the adds and language bleeps KFC has become sterile and anodyne .

    when it the last time anyone posted 'the dead hooker' threads
  8. The forum you described is a sports forum, specifically a forum for TCU sports. Your post had zero to do with sports, so it was moved to the area where other matters, even other matters relating to TCU, are discussed. Sorry it doesn't get the eyeballs that the sports forum gets, but that's because people are there to discuss sports.
  9. to all you all Hall Monitors: first, i have no idea who of you are owner's of KFC but even if you are not i think it quite fair to say that after the sale the editorial content and commercialization of KFC has changed.

    If i look at Nixon forum this AM their are dozens of uplinks of commericallly available sports stories. Not much more. I don't know how many of those come from the owner's and how many from members. Its is unclear.

    None the less, i don't need to come here to read sports stories from MSM(sports press).

    Traditionally , which is to say since the beginning KFC has been a community of Frogs, focused or drawn to the site by TCU football success. Guys like me, older, or living out of town found a place to hang out , talk TCU , football, sports and other school related matters. We even exchanged barbs with those still wet behind the ears. Hell there were even a few political fists thrown. We managed. And throughout those years there was little need and indeed few times when moderates interceded.

    Come along new ownership and they immediately started moderating like heck, hiding their owner published content, set the slang -o-meter to high and started running a ton of adds.

    in the olden days of early 2017 a story about JFK and TCU and 'assassination' would have warranted a permanent posting on Nixon forum.
    Or the Craig James 'he killed 20 prostitutes' thread was a running gag , always good for a laugh. I haven't seen that meme since the sale.

    why is that important? because as above KFC was a place where lots to Frogs could come for community and fraternization and not just football.

    that spirit and community is gone. nobody is going to flip over to Killingsworth. it ain't gonna happen. but just maybe an interesting TCU story can hang around on Nixon and someone, some undergrad from 2020 or an Alumni from 1972 could run across it, running gags or story lines, which connect across classes, are there to be read, easily accessed or more importantly easily recalled.

    and then there is the prudishly childish censorship . you know what i find more offensive than the '7 dirty words' , its the sophomoric scheissing censoring of those words in a godam sports blog read by [ Arschloch]s and dickweeds and white supremacists, who all love the blood and gore and violence of the gridiron and yet here on KFC we can't type the word [ steaming pile of Orgeron ].
  10. This is still KFC. The sports forum is not the place to discuss non-sports things, there's a specific forum for that, which is where your post was moved.

    I'm sorry that the topics that interest you are not as frequented as you would like it to be, perhaps that speaks to the interest others have in non-sports content?
  11. as usual you missed the point. it used to be a pretty good place for any Frog to feel the Frog community. we aren't texas with 2 M

    your site, your policies. its just that is now dimished.

    i ask about ownership, because like any news outlet it is important who the publisher(s) and of course what their motivations are.

    I just posted a very interesting story about TCU greats, real world beaters. Had i not decided to go ahead for the sake of the few, who you think have little value to KFC, not one single Frog freshman would know about one of TCU's greatest contributions to the world.

    i think Dan Jenkins would agree with me.

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