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MLS 2021

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by hiphopfroggy, Mar 14, 2021.

  1. MLS blows.
  2. Your mom's initials are MLS?

    Just joshing with ya bro, sorry couldn't resist.
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  3. El Trafico really has become a game to watch in MLS but I still always enjoy the Seattle vs Portland matches. Wish Portland had a full house tomorrow as the crowds for those games are great.
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  4. Houston’s new badge is horrid.
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  5. I keep thinking it's the San Fransisco Giants baseball team.
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  6. I wish the USSF would design a new one to replace their new one. I've still not gotten used to it and have arrived at the conclusion I never will. I'm in 100% agreement on the Dynamo badge. Just a wasted rebranding effort.
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  7. First game back at full capacity and first game sitting in my season tickets I bought over a year ago. Game winner in extra time was the first time I’d hi-fived strangers in forever. Good times!
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  8. Sounds like a blast, stadium is awesome. Wish it had been ready for TCU's Peach bowl, was such a tease.
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  9. All 3 Texas teams lost yesterday. Austin had 3 of it's regular starters out against LA Galaxy, won't be posting the lowlights this week.
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  10. No kidding, though hat was the only game I ever saw at the old dome so glad I made it.
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  11. I feel like it’s partly due to karma for Houston’s horrible rebrand and Dallas’ equally bad kits.
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