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missouri athletic department runs in the red for the 3rd straight year

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Eight, Feb 2, 2020.

  1. there have been multiple articles written about the wazzu athletic department being significantly in the red and the blame has been placed upon the pac's television contract.

    missouri running in the red is a different situation. the culprit this time is a drop in revenue from ticket sales.

    i am not sure how sustainable the spending is in college athletics and i would be interested in hearing from those who have or do run business talk about where the bulk of money is spent in college sports compared to a traditional business.

  2. But it's the 'New Zou' according to their Twitter posts regarding recruiting.
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  3. you believe what you read on twitter?

    tragically a good number of people take it as fact
  4. I admittedly only know a handful of true Mizzou fans but every one of them have been down on their school in a big way since the school’s “issues” hit a few years ago. I know two of them were avid football and basketball season ticket holders who stopped shelling out the $.
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  5. Missouri has a lot of problems. The SEC is not the cure for all ills.
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  6. If an SEC program is running in the red there some negligence going on. Ticket sales don’t make up that much of a schools revenue stream. One of the other cost centers is most likely sucking off money from the athletic programs.
  7. Don't worry. All their problems with be solved once they start Shawn Robinson at QB.

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  8. Haven't you seen Ozark? It's cocaine!
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  9. Hummm.....looks as if Shawn Robinson has linked up with an outfit that is immersed in financial limbo.
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  10. Mizzou always thought they were better than KU. It is shocking that the SEC money doesn't prop them up. Big XII should circle back on Nebraska and Colorado and ask them how things are going.
  11. Any athletic department in a Power 5 conference that's running a structural deficit is guilty of pretty significant mismanagement, there's really not much of an excuse unless the university just firmly believes their athletics department helps drive enrollment and is thus a marketing expenditure vs. a profit center. TCU did this for years, may still although I believe they largely try to be flat or positive most years.
  12. It all comes down to this...an out of control administration.

    Surprised Penn State and Ohio State didn't experience the same, except they have winning programs and sexual assault is not as important as racism (See Baylor).
  13. New Zou Review
  14. I guess the University of Missouri just needs more muscle.
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  15. I forgot that Misery played football.
  16. hard to believe you can't run an athletic department for $100M
  17. God continues to punish them for embracing slavery for all those years.

    Muck Fizzou
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  18. remind me when the state of alabama freed the slaves?
  19. Nebraska ain't coming back. Not as long as ut is here.

    Now, Colorado? For the life of me I can't figure out why they aren't begging for reinstatement. Much more money and games during the daytime.

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