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Miss Texas, Miss America, broadcast pioneer and TCU student Phyllis George dies at 70

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, May 17, 2020.

  1. I grew up watching her on the CBS pregame show.

    She always favored the cowboys.

    Darn it is a loss.
  2. They just read these nice words on Sportscenter.
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  3. I am seriously old. First Fred Willard. Now Phyllis George. I can't be far behind.
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  4. She was a class act, I will miss her.
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  5. She was at TCU my junior year ('70-'71), I think. I'm from the Class of '72 and recall seeing her at least once in the Student Union area as Miss Texas. It could have been early my senior year (Fall of '71), but whenever it was, it was definitely cool.
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    I believe PG was only at TCU for a few weeks. She wins MissTexas during the summer and matriculated to TCU (transfer from NTSU) that Aug. (at one time TCU gave a "free ride" to the MissTx winner .) The MissAmerica pageant was the 2nd week of Sep. where she wins. Shortly thereafter PG's contract with the Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Bureau (MA is a paid job) required her to be free to do appearances and travel - so apparently she dropped her courses and was gone within a week. I have seen some obits that list her as an Alumnae of TCU - I guess that is technically true but it is a bit of a stretch.

    I recall that she was very good on "The NFL Today" for all you youngin's here that didn't have the experience.

    My fandom for her lessened some when she quickie-married Hollywood producer Robert Evans in '77. So babeolicious and then married a daddy figure 19 years her senior, what a loss to all men in America. (RE must have ad some game, he was married to Ali McGraw -who later got with Steve McQueen- and in his '60s to Catherine Oxemberg (31 years younger) - 8 marriages in all.)

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