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  1. Does anyone remember a club in Dallas (maybe in the 80s) that had a pool? You could take your shoes and socks off and put your feet in the water and the girls would swim up to get a sip of your drink, etc.

    I only went there once and can't remember the name, but I felt like if anybody knew the place, it would be KF.
  2. Pervert is not a race
  3. Men's Club off Northwest Highway still exists with the pool. The Lodge is similar and right around the corner
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  4. "Men's Club off Northwest Highway still exists with the pool."

    I thought I remembered it named "Dallas Men's Club" so that must be the place. I knew KF wouldn't let me down.
  5. Before steel begins talking about his favorite “poles”...

    general board
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  6. First post I've ever had moved. Thanks a lot Steel.
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  7. My eyes are stinging at thought of how much chlorine required to sterilize that SOB
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  8. I fondly remember the old Fantasy Ranch off 360.

    Always had a good spread there at lunchtime. And the food wasn't that bad, either.
  9. Heard they had a helluva Tuna Melt.
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  10. any place i have ever seen called the men's club wouldn't have a pools of any type i would put my feet in and i walk on concrete in july barefoot
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  11. Drove by there today. It is now a Lebanese restaurant.
  12. Somewhere there’s a photo of me at FR on my 21st birthday, drunker than Cooter Brown. My grand big had the 1:00-1:15 time slot on when I’d throw up. He puts a shot down in front of me at 1:05 and says it’s whiskey. I laughed at him and slammed it. Brandy. He won the pot.
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  13. Is that the one Martina Navratilova owns?
  14. No idea.
  15. Lebanese. Leb-an-ese.
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