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Men's Basketball Coaches on the Hot Seat this season

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by PurpleBlood87, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. https://www.cbssports.com/college-b...s-whose-jobs-could-be-on-the-line-in-2019-20/

    Some familiar names on this list.

    The coaching carousel in college basketball is a constant topic of conversation -- the type of thing industry folks discuss as much as which teams might be sleepers for the Final Four. It's a fascinating topic, most agree. But the unspoken downside is that people either have to voluntarily move on from or, more likely, lose their jobs for the coaching carousel to annually spin, which means these conversations are sometimes uncomfortable because they're often directly tied to men receiving life-changing news.

    It stinks.

    So these columns are never fun.

    But, as previously noted, hot-seat situations are a big part of the sport. So here I am, once again, speculating on the futures of people who are largely good men with wives and children who rely on them. Sure, the million-dollar buyouts some will eventually get are nice. But talk to any coach who's ever had to inform his teenager that the family is uprooting because he didn't, you know, win enough games, and what that coach will tell you is that the lump-sum payments don't make that conversation any easier.

    Anyway ...

    That's my way of trying to make sure it's crystal-clear that I take no joy in writing this column. I do it not because it's an awesome time but because it's normally a good indicator of which programs might be looking for a new coach come March or April. It's nothing personal. It's all business. So, without further ado, here's a list of coaches who might need to have nice seasons to ensure they get a next season.

    (Note: Coaches listed in alphabetical order.)
  2. "the only way Miller, Self, Wade or Pearl will not continue in their current roles is if the NCAA hammers them so severely -- with suspensions or show-cause penalties or both -- that their schools are essentially left with no choice but to move on. Could that happen? Sure, I suppose. But if Arizona, Kansas, LSU or Auburn wanted to make coaching changes, trust me, they would've already done it. For various reasons, they decided to stand by their men. And, unless they're basically given no choice, I suspect they'll continue to do so."

    yet some keep tryng to say that the ncaa REALLY, REALLY, REALLY means it this time with this scandal.
  3. If the NCAA had any integrity all 4 of those coaches should be given the hammer. But the fact all 4 schools are standing by them shows how little they fear the NCAA. Inmates run the asylum.

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