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mel tucker leaves colorado for michigan state hc position

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Eight, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. Maybe he and Monte should get together and start a social media marketing and consulting company
  2. I was unstoppable on Bill Walsh College Football with that CU team of Bienemy and Darian Hagan...

    Mel Tucker sucks.
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  3. Burt "Be Home" Blyleven may be my favorite.
    That or Oddibe "Young Again" McDowell.

    I really liked both of those players too.
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  4. "Bro, you wanna go to the college (sports) game?"
    "... We have college sports?"
  5. If a college coach ever uses the word “committed” in regard to their current job, you can go ahead and assume they are in negotiations

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  6. does colorado honor any or all of their 2020 class to be released from the loi's upon the players request or once again do we see the players being held to a different standard than the coaches?
  7. Good question. I have to think they would but I’ve heard Cheverini (Spelling?) who was named interim HC is working like hell to keep them all together.
  8. He is apparently a pretty big recruiter for them or one of their better ones, something like that.
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  9. I get it, but everyone is a hypocrite here. The coaches, colleges, administrators and yes even the media.
  10. I guess our future non-con got a little easier? Oh wait that's not until 2022

  11. Hard to find a new staff this late and what does a player who just signed a LOI do when every coach you’ve ever talked to just got the axe
  12. I hope this guy crashes and burns extremely hard.
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    experience I have been through it is easier to clean house and start with those who buy in from the beginning with the boss' way of thinking than win people over who have settled in a way of thinking that has been in place for twenty years

    yes it can be painful, yes it can at the start be counterproductive, but in the long run if you are bringing in new ideas and a new approach you can't have the ghosts of the past
  14. I agree. The more I read about state of MSU football the more I am blown away at how similar it is to the current state of TCU football. Defensive minded, inept offensively, and a legendary coach at the helm. Im encouraged though that while we can argue about the coaches we brought in, I am proud of GP for making some moves. That’s more than DAntonio made last year when all he did was shuffle play calling duties to the RB coach. I also see our recruiting on the upswing and theirs going the other way.

    I don’t think TCU and GP end like MSU
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  15. I also don’t think TCU and GP end up like MSU. However the only true coaching change GP willingly chose to make this offseason was to bring in Jerry Kill. Luper and Thompsen were hired away, GP didn’t choose to make those moves. Were they not hired away we’d be going into 2020 with the exact same offensive coaching staff as we had in 2019.
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  16. Your not wrong but I think the hiring of Kill was essentially a move that acknowledges that the offense is a problem he himself isn’t capable of fixing. I doubt he would ever admit it but I wonder if behind close doors he hasn’t told Kill that he was wrong about Sonny being ready for the OC job.

    Either way..Reactionary or not, A move was made and there are new voices back in the room and that in itself makes a better situation than MSU had going on
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