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mel tucker leaves colorado for michigan state hc position

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Eight, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. tucker did play at wisconsin, was a ga at michigan state, and coached at ohio state for 3 years before going to coach in the nfl for ~ 10 years so taking a big 10 job isn't a complete surprise.

    what is interesting is this article from the mercury news talking about tucker's salary and his pool of money for assistants is roughly double at michigan state as to what he was paid and had available at colorado.


    the pirate left wazzu because of their lack of resources and based upon the linked article colorado is struggling to keep pace with its national peers.

    i am curious how much not having a team make the final four has hurt the value of the pac's television contract
  2. The original 88 not happy about this:

  3. The original 88 needs to probably stop using social media and also get over the fact that he isn't in the NFL Hall of Fame (and probably never will be).
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  4. "I can't believe the college coach lied to me" - Someone that is clearly unfamiliar with 99% of head coaches in college football history.
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  5. I think it has a lot more to do with the average person in that part of the country just not caring about college athletics nearly as much as they do in other places.
  6. not sure why 88 is making such a big deal about it - all his grandson has to do it apply to get released from the NLI based on a coach leaving or enter the portal and appeal for an exception to sitting out based on the same thing. 99% chance one of the two is granted in today's world.
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  7. definitely agree there isn't the same level of concern and i think in turn that translates to lower television ratings.

    i think the article mentioned the conference split for cu is $22M less than the conference share for the big 10 schools.

    then add in the fact you are trying to sell a conference that is viewed as the weakest of the 5 and it can only further damage the perceived value even though i think uo was ever bit as good as ou this year.

    college football has a model that is not good for the health of the sport and until the conferences act for the benefit of all the p5's.
  8. Just hire Eric Bienemy. Problem solved.
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  9. PAC is stronger than the ACC. Clemson has been great, but from top to bottom, the ACC is the weakest of the P5 imo.
  10. “Eric, sleeping with the Bienemy”, as Chris Berman used to say.
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  11. Pretty sure when we talked about strongest and weakest in this context, it's referring to the financial stability of the conference, rather than competitive balance. Whatever we think about the quality of the ACC on the field, there's no doubt they are number three in terms of stability.
  12. How do figure number 3 in terms of financial stability?

    Big 12 is way ahead of the ACC in payout per team.
  13. While that's true, nobody's talking about members of the ACC leaving when the grant of rights is up either. The ACC generated more revenue than the Big 12 (465mm to 374mm), and is overall more stable long term in that sense.
  14. Oooopps, my bad. I thought this was the Mel Tillis thread.
  15. He's kind of turned the Hall of Fame "snub" into a big self-pity party for himself. I think this is just another way he can vent.
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  16. Eat [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]. Drew Pearson was a badass and an upstanding citizen
  17. The ACC can be poached by the Big 12 if the conference decides to go that route, not the other way around.

    Being at 10 teams is not a weakness. Big 12 will only expand if it means more money. I see FSU willing to make that jump. The ACC, Big 10, SEC are pretty full up and expansion seems very unlikely to them. The PAC 12 has room but their money is a major weakness. Again, I think the Big 12 is more likely to poach from the PAC than the other way around. I see the Big 12 staying at 10 or possibly adding two teams if the new tv contracts push it that way.

    In terms of TV deals and grant of rights agreements, I am not concerned. I do not see any major shifts in the P5 conferences coming in terms of their respective members. I do think TV money is where the big change is coming. Will they pay more? Will they pay less? Streaming is going to become more of a player. Netflix, YouTube TV could become players in the future besides the traditional TV Sports powers. It is ever evolving.

    I could be wrong, time will tell.
  18. He wasn't impressive in his one year as HC at Colorado in my opinion
  19. He was a good player. Whether he was Hall of Fame good can be debated but he acts like it's a travesty that he isn't in, which is a very selfish way to look at it. Meanwhile, his longtime teammate Tony Hill, who had just as many catches and yards and a few more touchdowns.....literally NOBODY thinks he was a Hall of Famer. I wonder what Drew thinks about Tony Hill. During their time together with the Cowboys, Hill had more catches, yards and TDs than Pearson did and was the better player.
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  20. not sure being an upstanding citizen is a requirement for the pro football hof.

    if drew deserves to be in the hof what about tony hill?

    tony played in 15 fewer games and have more receiving yards, yards per catch, and touchdowns than drew?

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