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meanwhile, back in austin.......

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    Greetings Longhorn Nation,

    As Coach Herman emphasized at his weekly press conference on Monday, we are all extremely disappointed in the outcome of Saturday’s game at Iowa State. It was a difficult afternoon in Ames with a heartbreaking 23-21 loss on the game’s final play that could have put us back in the driver’s seat for a spot in the Big 12 Championship game. We understand you’re frustrated and have heard from several of you. I appreciate you reaching out to share your thoughts, and I am doing my best to get back to all of you. Please know that no one is more disappointed than Coach Herman and our team, and they are focused, determined and driven to get back on the winning track. As Coach Herman told our team, “You’re not ever going to be defined by when you get knocked down. You’re always going to be defined by how you get back up when you get knocked down. This will be a good challenge for us to see what we’re made of.” We’ve responded before, have two more games in the regular season, and I have faith that we can bounce back again. With that in mind, our coaches and student-athletes were back at work on Sunday and preparing hard for another big challenge in the Big 12 as we head to Waco to face a No. 13 Baylor team on Saturday (2:30 p.m. CT/FS1) that is coming off a late-game defeat of its own. For those of you joining us in Waco, we look forward to seeing you, and if you’re watching elsewhere, let’s all pull together with our patented Texas Fight and help our team come away with a victory!"

    son sent this to me, apparently surly horns and a few other texas web sites have launched campaigns to pound cdc's phone and e-mail with their feelings about mensa and this year's team.

    curious if cdc misses the days when the most voracious emails he received were about the lack of diced onions at the baseball games
  2. What a beating dealing with that. That's what the $2.5M/year is for.
  3. CDC can’t say he didn’t sign up for this.
  4. Wow, cdc is laying it on thick. Good luck with that crowd.
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  5. The grass is always pee orangier...
  6. CDC won’t win there...They won’t be happy unless he firing and hiring every other year.
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  7. apparently texas opens up with usf at home next year the week before going to lsu.

    i can't see it happening, but i am almost willing to sacrifice a chicken to jobu if charlie strong and usf would come to austin next year and beat the horns
  8. Don’t think that one isn’t circled on Strong’s calendar. He’s going to want that one bad
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  9. Oh I didn’t know about that. I hope Strong gets carried off the field again
  10. Do those morons in austin not realize that Iowa State was a 7-point favorite in that game? Just because their name is 'texas' doesn't mean they are a better team, especially in conference road games against solid teams.
  11. CDC *turns on phone at breakfast on Sunday*


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  12. How much longer does he put up with it for $2.5M per year? I don't know how old he is, but five years at that salary would seem to be enough to say "screw it".
  13. I'll do it for $2 million a year.
  14. And you'd do as good a job as CDC has.
    I'll take the CEO position at most Fortune 500 companies at half the salary. All savings can be returned to stockholders.
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  15. I think they should go offer Jimbo Fisher $10 MM a year...
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  16. Heck, I'd do it for half that. I'd even go so far as to guarantee firing Mensa and would then prove that UT is the best in the state by offering an even more outrageous contract than aTm gave Jimbo.
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  17. Wut????
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  18. not sure if the ad at texas is the one doing the hiring and firing of the head football coach
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  19. Perhaps. I'd still happily do it if I had the chance. They can let me go afterwards.
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  20. It's more a baby [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] orange, if you ask me.
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