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  1. Agreed, and credit must also be given to the WR coach* who came in when LHCGP overhauled the offense; the guy who coached-up Dez and Justin Blackmon earlier in his career. Doctson clearly elevated himself, but he also got a much higher level of instruction.

    *It was Meach.
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  2. Totally agree with you.. a good young OC with HC aspersions or an NFL QB coach (Think LSU) could be the fix.
    I like SC, but the Big 12 is evolving offensively from a fast attack pass conference to a duel threat approach as Big 12 defenses have solved the spread philosophy.
    We have a duel threat QB...just need an offensive scheme to support him, which we do not currently have, this would open up the talent we have at the other positions.... but for that to happen we need some nasty OL’s...

    All comes back to coaching...
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  3. The best we can hope for is to keep Cumbie and hire a offensive line coach and maybe an offensive analyst. This isn't much and GP may not even do that. If that's the case, prepare your mind for more of the need to grow 'um up and we've only lost 4 games by 1 score. A lot of injuries and hopefully we get 2 back this week. Think it can't happen, you know it can.

    We are adrift in a troubled sea, in a rudderless boat, and the captain is below deck taking a nap. If GP would just take a little of his own advice and grow up, fire who needs to be fired, and get the program moving again proving to the faithful that the 2 Boykin/Doctson years were not outliers.
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  4. Don’t think anyone on this board can deny that TCU would have won more games this year with Meacham on the staff with Coach Cumbie...certainly every game outside of ISU and maybe OSU....
  5. When was this?
  6. The reality is the scheme has to be executed...Whatever that scheme is...good, bad, or something else it has to be known inside and out by the players...Coaching is hard. You have to not only be a creative tactician, but also be the kind of guy who can effectively teach and get buy in from the players. I dont know what part Cumbie is the weakest at but he's clearly missing in several of those stages. He either needs significant help or he needs to move on to something he's good at.
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  8. Likely 2015
  9. Maybe but he also admitted that he had an unbelievable athlete's at QB and WR..He also stated that the newness to the system probably played a role in their success. Nobody is denying that Meachum isn't a smart guy but that doesn't mean we would be 10-2 with him calling plays..That's absurd. I beg anyone to go back and remember how much you screamed at your TV in 2016 after the 20th screen or fade..
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  11. Cannot deny the offensive numbers put up by TCU when Meach was on staff....it was not simply a by product of Boykin and Doctson....
  12. I'm not sure about that. I cringed every time Meach would call that end zone fade to Turp and passing on 4th. and 1 but then again in the Peach he hit Ole Miss right in the mouth on the 1st. series when he had Bee throw that TD pass. He was innovative, you've got to like that.
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  13. The scheme is not working..that is my point, the players are doing their best ( I would agree with you on that) and are committed to executing the plays and the plays are not working
  14. I think there's more to it Archie and here's why - you have to block and catch.
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  15. How did he do at Kansas?
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  16. Nice try to ignore my point...He was on a sinking ship at Kansas....nevertheless if look at the overall body of his work and the great numbers the TCU offense put up with him on staff, his resume is solid...
  17. Why can’t he get another college job then? I just think you’re forgetting how frustrating 2016 was to watch. We were like we are this year except we went a lot faster, which is arguably worse. Plus, we had a 4th year Jr at QB who had been learning the system for a year.
  18. so what happend in 2016?
  19. When Cumbie leaves will someone start a thread 3 years later reminiscing about how he was better than he really was?
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