Massacre In Las Vegas-50 Plus Dead

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    100% in favor of this if both.VAT excluded on necessity items for everyone including rich. Flat tax of 25/15/5 or 20/10/5 might be too low though.

    VAT 10%. Problem would actually be the 5% because currently the poor pay a negative effective tax. Unfortunately state tax would be on top, no way to avoid that.
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    You can have it all. But if you live in the US and make millons you pay more. Because at the end of the day it doesn't hurt you. I'm talking about the .1% that average 2+ million a year. For the record I'm on board for a tax cut just not an million $$ one when middle class pay more aka Trump tax cut.

    Tiny cut for income above 500k like 1%, 3% 200-499k, 5% 50-199. Joint tables. Similar but lower for singles.

    Communism is everyone has the same. I'm talking about making sure middle class can afford not go poor, poor can afford to live, and rich get a 100k tax cut instead of a 1 million cut from the current tax situation. Don't act like I'm Bernie Darning Sanders

    Only places where the rich don't much more in taxes are places like Mexico where the poor starve to death. No need for our country to be like that. Stop acting like a smaller tax credit is communism. You can pretend I am a bleeding liberal but I don't want that $$ to got to the poor. Middle class.....the one GOP and democrat both lie about helping every year. I hate both.
  3. You are SO British. Enough with the VAT! You've been running that into the ground for 10 years!
  4. Vat makes sense. No way rich can avoid it and it's extremely necessary when dealing with insane discretionary income.

    New Zealand is a great approach to VAT, better than UK vat.
  5. It works. Especially better than Trump's [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ] tax the middle class more, massive cuts for rich/corporations plan.

    Target middle.class, target small business. lying sacks of [ steaming pile of Orgeron ].

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