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Marcel Brooks In Transfer Portal

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froggish, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. Don’t look now but the 5 star LB/DB who we had a real shot at 2 years ago is in the portal. Overnight Fitch and a bunch of TCU coaches/folks started following him on Twitter and the rumor mill is rolling about him wanting to come back close to home...For those who don’t remember Marcel he went to Flower Mound.

    He played in 11 games as a true freshman for LSU in their title run. If we have a shot at him he would be the highest rated defensive player to ever play for GP.

    For those who wonder what it would be like if GP were to ever get 5 star talent....a potential 2 in 2 months would be an incredible step.
  2. Didn't an asst coach from LSU go to Baylor?
    If so, hope it doesn't play much of a factor in his decision.
  3. Their D coordinator is now head coach at Baylor. And whatever excitement I had after the OP is now gone. Thanks a lot, killjoy.
  4. Fort Worth is closer than Waco. So there's still that.
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  5. He’s coming to TCU. Book it.
  6. I don’t know where the confidence comes from but I like it.
  7. Confidence is built into his high quality khaki slacks.
  8. Might need to get you on our marketing team!
  9. I’ve entered the Transfer Portal for 1985

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  10. I prefer the 1885 portal...

  11. Aranda (Baylor) and Dykes (SMU) are both going to go hard at him but so is everyone in the country. Rumor is GP was involved personally with his original recruitment and thus knows the family. Combine that with his reported desire to be closer to the metroplex and that why people think we have a great shot. In addition he will need to make a decision pretty quickly and with COVID..It’s not like he go visit Ohio St or something. Lot of things point to TCU
  12. At 6-3/200 he is undersized for the LBer spot and he really wants to play safety. Not sure Aranda has much of an advantage here as he is the one who moved him to LBer and wanted him to put on additional weight.

    We are loaded at safety but kid is a tremendous athlete and with everything going on getting a waiver to avoid sitting may be very realistic, especially taking the stance that the change is for personal rather than football reasons.

    Been a while since CGP has has a strong walk-down safety so he could get some PT right away even with the current depth. His sack in the Florida game last year was a huge play for the Tigers. Definitely needs to improve on his cover skills but at FM Marcus he was all over the field playing WR, S and LB.
  13. Imagine a 4-2-5 world with your safeties being Moehrig, Washington, and Brooks...Good God Almighty! GP would be able to scheme up a nightmare for an OC. To me, GP would have his Isaiah Simmons in Brooks and that’s scary
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  14. I believe Carter Bir is at TCU; was a QB and teammate of Brooks at Marcus and one of his best friends.

    can’t hurt.
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  15. Do we even have room for him?

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