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Marc Columbo - Our new OLine coach....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Punter1, Nov 21, 2020.

  1. ...hopefully.

    Just got fired by the Giants after Jason Garrett brought him to NY after serving as the 2019 Cowboys Oline coach. He and the HC didn't get along.

    Calls DFW home after playing for the Cowboys before becoming an assistant coach. Dude played Oline in the NFL for years and is known as a tremendous young coach who is extremely popular with his players.

    He would be PERFECT for us.
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  2. Dirty trick to fool us like this...then hopefully.

    I'll never get to sleep tonight.:rolleyes:
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  3. Would be nice but hard to imagine going from NFL OL coach to college OL coach.
  4. Even if he were interested, with nothing but NFL coaching experience, can he recruit?
  5. Why?? Guys at other positions do it ALL THE TIME...and vice versa.

    Its football...same game, same techniques...yea, he would be new to the recruiting game but with his resume he would do just fine.
  6. He's probably had to teach a lot of technique. Basic fundamental instruction just ain't what it was as little as 10 years ago.
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  7. Probly need to check with Kill about this....
  8. Anderson moved to DC and LB coach, Glasgow comes over to coach QB, and Cumbie becomes new towel girl to make room. It’s the perfect plan.
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  9. The OL has improved every game. QB play has moved the other way ever since early 2019.
    Just pretend that QB has been coached by Anderson since 2016 and give me your answers.
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  10. Your trying to sell to the wrong crowd. Sell it to coach Colombo and your good! I don't see it happening. Nice try.
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. I would imagine NFL money and prestige are both higher than college.
  13. would he be willing to do the road work? the visits to the high schools etc/?

    right now he for the most part is dealing with adults, in college he would be helping boys transition to becoming adults.

    much more than x's and o's
  14. He doesn't check the first box on the list - is he friends with GP or did he play at TCU?

    If he didn't, not sure he even gets a look. Nepotism or die - its the motto of TCU football.
  15. Absolutely...recruiting sucks. Its the one drawback to college. In terms of pay, Power 5 actually pays more for assistants than the NFL.

    I'm just wishful thinking an available, accomplished OLine player turned coach (who lives close by) would want to come join our staff.
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  16. Why would a position coach be interested, when there is hope that a new coordinator might bring a completely new offensive staff?
  17. not a bad idea and would be worth a phone call to gauge interest

    now, i think there is a better chance he looks forward to drinking bad ups of cofffee all day while hitting every high school between terrell and the border than gary actually reaching out to gauge interest
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  18. Cumbie has the hair for the job.
  19. You mean a man has hair at our age? Oh wait... giving myself away.
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  20. NFL pensions are better though.

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