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  1. "Hello Darkness my old friend..." Heh. I remember the poor schlub PK for UT in 2015. He had a ghastly game the week before, then rolled into Amon G. Carter Stadium and performed the UltraFecta of kicking blunders.
  2. Ha, Hello Darkness My Old Friend. Classic ;)

    Edit: Brewing Frog beat me to it.
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  3. Hello, sir! It’s been a while...
  4. I heard someone said Texas deserves better. I disagree.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Love this. Would have stuck with the Benny Hill music. :)
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  7. One of my personal favorites was Daje Johnson getting lit up on his first play from scrimmage, bubble screen left I believe, against TCU at Amon Carter. He had to sit for the day and it set the tone for a complete arse whopping. Up by 28 in the first Q maybe? I think he got orange slices.
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  8. [​IMG]
  9. Wait, FOAP is alive?
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  10. For us old-timers these wins over Texas are almost surrealistic. There was a time back in my youth (and even later) when Ws over UT were monumental moments of triumph and joy.

    The 2020 Frogs are very young, but also very talented. They will vacillate back and forth between brilliant and boneheaded from one play to the next, but I'll love them no matter what.

    Given the circumstances - I'm just glad there's football...

    Go Frogs!
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  11. I'm right there with you. I've tried to explain to my 7th grader why I enjoy beating them so much and she's just like "why are you so excited dad? We always beat them.".
  12. I love your 7th grader.

    I can remember when we were down by 70 and their kicker held and their holder kicked the point after.

    Hate those jerks.
  13. I've recently recounted the story of the '59 win in a previous thread, but the next year in Fort Worth UT beat the Frogs 3-2 in one of the ferocious defensive battles I've ever seen in person. I was 12-years old.

    Then, of course, there was the classic "cockroach" game in '61, when my favorite Frog Sonny Gibbs hit Buddy Iles with that long TD pass to knock the Horns out of the #1 slot in the polls. I didn't stop smiling for a week - literally.

    TCU went on to win a few more against UT in the 60s, but after that they entered into the dark ages, and they couldn't beat the Horns or the Hogs for what seemed like decades. It wasn't really that long, but it seemed like it.

    I don't begrudge the high expectations of the younger generations, but those of us who suffered through the bleak years probably have a more intense appreciation for how incredibly far TCU's football program has come under CGP.

    I'm almost 72, and I just try to enjoy every moment with my son and grandson.

    Go Frogs!
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  14. My Dad played for the Longhorns in the early 50's. One of my very early memories is being carried on his shoulders around Memorial Stadium with the Lettermen while they chanted "Poo-oor Aggies..." while they were beating them silly, probably in '67. We went to another Lettermen's Reunion in '77, and watched Earl Campbell run for a TD every time he had the ball. They were playing Rice, but still...

    My Freshman year, at Parent's Weekend, all the Parents came out to watch Band Practice in the Stadium. Everyone was hanging around the Home side of the benches, talking and socializing. All except one. Dad had wandered over to the visiting benches and had a seat. I walked over, and he said, "I spent a few cold, miserable afternoons over here. It was always cold when we played here. The wind just whistled through there," as he gestured towards the north endzone.

    In '92, I had the Dad's phone number dialed up to the last number, and when the gun sounded, I hit it. He knew damned well who it was, so when he picked up, he started off with, "Eh. We wuz robbed." We both had a good laugh.

    This is the first year I can't call him up and rag on him. I really miss that.
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  15. So deeply sorry for your loss, Brewing.

    My dad didn't get to go to college (WWII and all), but he LOVED the Frogs!

    He instilled that love in his only child, and I've passed it down to my son and grandson.

    Go Frogs!
  16. I'm almost 70, WWII got my dad too, and he loved the Frogs too. I bought him a season ticket every year until he got too old to go. He told me about all the great ones.

    And he loved basketball. And boxing.
  17. In 1970 UT and An OSU were battling for 1 and 2. UT was only up by 40 - 0 or so in the 4th. Our PA guy announces Ohio A&M was hanging 60 on someone. Royal hears it and back comes Street, et al with the starters so they could run it up. I think we fired the PA announcer after that.

    So much arrogance, so much hubris over the years. Could never have dreamed of having the yoke on those entitled SOBs.
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  18. I always liked the PA guy we had in the 80's. He had a proper sense of drama when giving out "Scores from around the Country..."

    "Texas A&M 31... Baylor 28." Not surprising, but enough time elapsed between the scores to get your hopes up. The longer pauses denoted something wonderful happening: "Texas 21... ... Arkansas 24." The whole Stadium would be hanging on the edge of their bleacher.

    Granted, '82, '83 were strange and different seasons, but there wasn't a whole lot to cheer about most weekends. Thus the other scores were always a source of interest.
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