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MAC cancels

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Froginbedford, Aug 8, 2020.

  1. Just remember, he illustrates the dark corners of the internet and society. Sadly, those portions are the loudest and get the most traction these days.
  2. One clarification.... LVH is not a troll. He's dead serious.
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  3. Why do we let him stay on here? Think of the good/reasonable people his voice drives away from this site.
  4. Yea, I think most of what LVH says on here is bat [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] crazy but I don't think he's trolling.

    And Illini I often feel like is just Bizzaro World LVH. Both say some things that I agree with but both spend so much time on the extremes and fringes that they seem like they're just miserable about living in this country.
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  5. Glad to hear you a made a quick recovery from Covid.

    Unfortunately, I see you’re still suffering from a severe case of TDS. Best wishes to you.
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  6. Ahh. Such as yourself?

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  7. I agree with almost nothing he says but he damn sure has a right to his opinion.

    I feel the same about you btw.
  8. Again such a tough talker for such a small, small man (and I don't mean physical size).
  9. I just think if we want a good, quality forum you can avoid letting those dark trolls on here who ruin the convo for everyone else.
  10. Liked for a much needed pivot...
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  11. Serious question I don't know the answer to, if a conference/team shuts down football, are coaches still getting paid/keeping their jobs for the year?

    I know some D3/D2 coaches who have lost jobs, wasn't sure about D1.
  12. But who gets to be the arbiter of that? Because I'm sure there are some who feel the same way about you. As long as this is a forum where opinions are allowed then you should welcome them all. Otherwise just stick with your own social circle where you don't have to worry about differing opinions.
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  13. You have a point, it's just unfortunate because it makes people not want to participate knowing they're gonna be quoted by the LVHs and have to listen to that in almost every forum. I would say the amount of fake data he posts would be grounds for banning but hey it's not my forum.
  14. There is an option to ignore posters.

    Or what I do - Just accept the fact that some people have different (and perhaps even wrong) opinions about things and continue to move on with my life the exact same way I currently do. I don't give a flying scheiss what poster X thinks about political/social/economic issue Y. And if I think they're a troll then that's even less reason for me to give a flying scheiss.
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  15. No trust me I don't give a flying [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] about what several guys think, but it seems like every thread he's in there trolling it up and it makes the forum a significantly less manageable experience.
  16. Then I would suggest using the ignore function.
  17. Great rebutal to my post. Typical resort of the Obama voter. When you have nothing, insult and ad hom attack away.
  18. We have something called a right to privacy which puts a wrench into your tracing desires.

    Oh wait, you only like right to privacy when it comes to abortion and killing babies(who are mostly black babies)

    Black Lives Matter, except those in the womb, we can go ahead and vacuum their brains out. THOSE black lives dont matter. Liberals LOVE killing babies
  19. @TxFrog1999 posts like this are utterly absurd and ruining this forum.
  20. Facts hurt, don't they.

    Most abortions are abortions of black babies. Those are the facts

    Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood for eugenics reasons.

    You can't say we need right to privacy for abortion, but waive that right to privacy for contact tracing for a virus 99.85% of people survive

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