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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Froginbedford, Aug 8, 2020.

  1. COVID can be a serious concern for people AND those people still see the need in life continuing to go on. It simply has to at some point. The only thing up for debate is WHEN.
  2. Agree, the sooner we develop robust testing and tracing capabilities, and provide the economic support for sick/exposed people to stay home, the sooner this will go down. Vaccine is hopefully possible but can't be counted on.

    Unfortunately, our government is as divided as ever, our President seems to love dividing people, and the federal government as a whole seems incapable of doing anything positive for our country unless it also scores their party political points.

    I'm glad I'm young and healthy but it's also incredibly frustrating to see people jumping through hoops to try and make their business/school/life happen without doing the work required first.
  3. Just so my stake is in the ground, Sean Lewis the head coach at Kent St would be unbelievable as GPs OC and next man up. He’s 3-5 years away from being the next HC at Wisconsin
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  4. As long as he promises to not make Sewo throw a pass on 4th and 1.
  5. Only responding to your 1st paragraph - I don't necessarily think you're wrong but I would like to know what the threshold will be for the robust testing and tracing to be robust enough. Some of this feels like the dog chasing the car. The testing and tracing are never going to be perfect so we can't just forever be stuck in this thought of "it has to be better, it has to be better." It's better than it was 3 months ago and I'm sure 3 months from now it will be better than it currently is. But I think it's important to have some sort of specific goal in mind that is reasonably attainable in the near future. If the goal isn't reasonably attainable in the near future or no one can even agree on a goal then all of this waiting around is pointless imo.
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  6. kfc has become an echo chamber - maybe it has always been. Its close to becoming the info wars of the tcu community. I feel like we are nearing the point where we need a disclaimer in the top banner saying the views here aren’t representative of the university.
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  7. (@CountryFrog, FinanceFrog posted while I was typing or else I would've quoted you)

    Honestly I don't have a good answer to that question. Would defer that question to somebody who knows more about epidemiology/public health.

    What set this off for me is that my girlfriend and I are both teachers, she teaches in one DFW district, me in another one. Her district is providing a COVID test to every teacher and student before school starts. If anybody suspects they may have it, they can get tested again, so they can quarantine/address effectively.

    My district? No sign of being provided a test. We're currently coaching in masks and being told we can't even get dressed in the locker room, but we can't get tested is what's ridiculous to me.
  8. Not wearing a mask is ignorant at best.
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  9. It's funny that you don't think that would apply to your views.
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  10. Ignorance would be one thing... a legitimate excuse.
  11. Honest question.... how are you gonna provide economic support for these people? This virus isn't going away. We just gonna pay for these people to not work forever? Where do you draw the line? Do we start paying for people that are sick with other things to not work?
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  12. Yea, I wouldn't expect you to have any better idea than me on what the specific goals should be. I'm just hoping the people in charge who want things to continue to stay shutdown can articulate those things.
  13. Very good question and I don't have a great answer. The closest thing I've seen and studied is NZ paid laid-off workers 85% of their previous salary and also provided payroll bonuses to businesses to provide an incentive to keep their workers/hire them back. Also not 100% of what they made so there's an incentive to go back to work.

    If somebody is sick and can't go to work I gotta imagine there's a certain way for the government to pay for sick leave for them so they don't go back out and infect others trying to feed their kids.
  14. I think a good goal to shoot for would be same-day result testing available in every community in America, with specific infrastructure developed to emphasize this same-day testing in urban areas.
  15. Yea, this is along the same lines as my questions about the testing. I think Illini makes good points and I don't many people would argue that the things he wants are bad things, but it's never going to be perfect so we can't just forever say "we need more, we need better." There has to be an accepted amount of risk here with all of this stuff.
  16. I would love for it to be doable. Just seems like a tough one for anything beyond a very short term period.
  17. I think if we did that, and got our [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] together with providing incredibly robust testing, we could be done with this in 6-8 weeks so we wouldn't have to provide those benefits long term. But I'm no expert. It's gonna exist, but we could hammer it into submission with testing like other countries have done.

    And here I go getting political, but since the leader of our federal government is a clown who is more interested in sowing hate and dividing us rather than working to create solutions, I'm not optimistic we can get it down until leadership is replaced. Forget policy, we need solution-finders with critical thinking skills.
  18. Easy to do when the population of your country is 4.8 million on a group of islands.
  19. Understand it's not a perfect comparison but that doesn't mean we just dismiss what they did.

    There are plenty of other cases out there of countries that handled this vastly better than we are, it's just the one I know the best since a former roommate/exchange student at TCU is from there and lives there now and we talk regularly.

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