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MAC cancels

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Froginbedford, Aug 8, 2020.

  1. Looking into this a bit, it looks like the driver was that the left wing nutjob that is the president of NIU announced that she was not going to allow NIU to participate in any fall sports and the remainder got concerned about “the optics” of playing while one of its schools said it was unsafe for athletic competition to proceed.
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  2. That's the real reason. Same for Uconn.

    P5 has to play this year because of the money. Has to.
  3. Didn't they also announce that they would play in the Spring? Good way to get some money back and give ESPN some content in the Spring doldrums...
  4. So...baseball, football, basketball, hockey, NASCAR, MMA, boxing, golf...am I missing anything? They all can play but football can't. Awesome.
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  5. I’m very anti-cancelling the season, and I think these 25% capacity limits, cancelling tailgating, and requiring masks outdoors at a game are all ridiculously silly policies. People want to live their lives and most people are ultimately going to be exposed to the virus one way or another.

    If people feel compelled, for whatever reason, to continue to self isolate and be obsessively cautious, more power to them. And while this virus isn’t magically going away and it certainly can be dangerous for certain people that may get it, the consequences for the vast majority of people that do get Covid aren’t serious enough to justify how drastically we are responding to all of this, IMO.

    With that said, I do think it’s only fair that I share my personal experience with Covid.

    I got Covid towards the end of June. Think we got it from 2 friends we went to dinner with at Mi Cocina. For the first 5 days I thought I was just experiencing bad allergies from the Saharan Dust storm that blew through. I never had a fever, never had a cough, and never had shortness of breath, which at the time, kept me from even considering the possibility of it being Covid. Just really stuffy and pretty severe sinus pain and a constant sensation that I had water up my nose from swimming. About day 6 I completely lost my smell and taste which ultimately lasted for a few weeks until it finally started slowly coming back. Weirdest sensation ever, well lack there of... and pretty depressing after a while. 45 days later I still don’t have my smell completely back. Week 2 of covid I was absolutely exhausted. Just walking downstairs made me feel like I needed to rest. Basically spent a week just constantly sleeping. Also had some pretty severe lower back pain that would come and go. However, I never had severe shortness of breath or a cough. By week 3, other than smell and taste, I felt like I had completely recovered. I started exercising again, and found myself tiring much more quickly. I assumed this was just because I had been sedimentary for 3 weeks. However, within a few days of exercising fairly hard again, I started to develop the infamous shortness of breath and a mild cough, that lingered for a little over a week. I also would have occasional periods of time where I experienced unusual heart palpations and an accelerated heart rate. It was never bad enough to prevent me from living out my day, but it was very much present, and certainly wasn’t allowing me to physically exert myself. Definitely started to worry me a little bit, as there are studies coming out that show that even people with mild cases are showing possible signs of lung / heart damage. Thankfully, those symptoms eventually went away on their own and I’m now a week and half back into exercising and haven’t experienced any additional shortness of breath or issues. Hopeful I’ve just about fully recovered.

    For added perspective, a handful of friends my age (late twenties) including my wife, all have gotten Covid and I was the only one that didn’t make a full recovery in under two weeks. Everyone’s symptoms and severity of their symptoms varied pretty drastically.

    All that to say, it’s certainly not something an athlete wants to get, and if they had a similar response as me, it certainly could affect their ability to play for an extended period of time. But at the same time, most people my age or younger seem to have pretty moderate symptoms and fully recover within a week or two.

    As I’ve already said, I’m not convinced the risk of getting Covid really goes down for any these players if the season gets canceled (in fact it probably goes up). That’s why I’m so adamant about them needing to find a way to have the season. The consequences of completely cancelling the season would severely impact so many lives. Not only are coaches and players affected, but there would be such a greater ripple effect that I don’t think people fully appreciate yet. Think of all the other sports programs that may be eliminated. Think of all those coaches and supporting staff members. Think of all the staff that work the games at the stadium. There’s all the journalist and media members. There’s restaurant, hotels, and businesses that depend on the fans. I could go on and on.

    Anyway. Point is. While Covid is certainly real, and it’s worth taking moderate precaution in certain situations, player’s likelihood of getting Covid really don’t go down by cancelling the season, and the consequences of cancelling the season seem WAY more severe than the risks associated with having it.
  6. Or wearing a mask ....
  7. In this case, as in many over the last decade, the tail is wagging the dog.
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. I wear a mask when I have to. I had to this morning to get into Wal Mart.

    But I am not going to scheissing wear a mask when I don't have to. I refuse to wear a scheissing mask in 115 degree weather when I am outside. scheiss that.

    I am not anti mask. I am anti mask mandate. They dont do [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ].
  10. Imagine thinking anyone posting on here is afraid of wearing a mask.
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  11. imagine someone from your family dying from it genius
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    This forum has an issue with groupthink and although I don't flat out disagree with some, let's just be careful with the patting each other on the back for our "COVID isn't that big of a deal problem." The first 10 posts in this thread are just dudes congratulating each other for not being afraid of COVID. It's not just about you, people.

    This disease has killed 175,000 people and, yes, we can't live in a bubble. The problem is the United States refuses to develop the testing capabilities needed to fight it. When you get COVID, it's not just you it affects, it's your neighbor, the stranger who sits at the table after you, etc.

    If we can make a COVID test as easy to get as a Snickers Bar, we can have a football season no issue. That's obviously expensive, but in the long run could save our country's economy and actually be the fiscally responsible thing to do. However our President is too busy golfing and Tweeting to address that, that's why this election is about so much more than policy. Smart people can have disagreements but we need a legitimate adult who can actually critically think about complicated issues and be humble enough to listen to experts regarding policy.

    The problem is that colleges, schools, ADs, and coaches are doing their best to social distance, wear masks, etc. and most are doing a great job, but they're just bailing water off the Titanic while meanwhile we have a gaping whole in the bottom of the ship that our government refuses to address. We can do our best with social distancing and masks (and they suck, don't get me wrong) but until we develop robust testing we can't get the ship back above water.

    Sidenote: I actually had COVID back in March and was tested only because the military paid for my test. I have now tested negative for antibodies, which certainly can't be good for vaccine's chances. It also was 4 miserable days and I made a clean recovery, but I can see how it can be dangerous, I legitimately hated life for those 4 days.

    Develop testing and things will get back to normal much faster. And take your meds LVH.
  13. You will get slammed for these facts
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    Some of the posters on here do remind me of those dudes at the Sturgis Rally ... so not to hard to imagine... afraid or downright silly.?.
  15. My grandmother died of the flu in 2011, where was your concern then? Why didn't your ass wear a mask in 2011? Maybe if we all wore masks in 2011, my grandma would still be alive. scheissing non mask wearers, killing my grandmother. Pathetic. It's just a mask. Do your part and wear one. Save lives.

    I blame non mask wearers, especially you, for my grandma's death in 2011.
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    Thanks Illini_frog ... hopefully, one day, some of this will sink in !
  17. Testing? Are you still seriously spewing the "testing" garbage? I'd argue testing is the reason why so many are fear mongering and why it seems like we are not winning the battle.

    You know what your hero Obama did in 2009 in terms of swine flu? He ordered testing STOPPED. He said to stop testing for it. So that's what happened.

    This is the reason why you progs have pushed TESTING TESTING TESTING from day 1, because you knew damn well it would spike case numbers which would lead to more fear mongering, more lockdowns, and more hatred toward Orange Man Bad. If asymptomatic people stopped going to get tested, numbers would not be rising, and there would be less to fear monger on.

    We've done by far more testing than anyone other country in the world, yet here you are saying we aren't testing enough? [ What the heck? ]?
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  18. Go back to bed Grandpa.
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  19. The presence of LVH alone makes it so damn hard to read/think/enjoy discussing certain topics. Certainly, smart people can disagree and discuss things but he's a level of troll I haven't seen since roddog.

    No doubt his presence alone discourages otherwise good people from participating just because they know that they'll be quoted by him and responded to with his garbage.
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  20. He is the worst and even some of the posters who are now liking his posts (because it aligns with their politics) have called him out. It’s sad that someone else apparently got suspended when the rules changed but LVH continues to post .
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