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Luper looks headed to Mizzou....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 18, 2019.

  1. I would make Thomsen a Co-OC right now and make sure he doesn’t head to FSU. I’m sure I’ll have some disagreement on that.
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  2. I’d give him the job if he can keep pulling in top-100 OL.
  3. I think whoever we bring in needs be able to fill the vacuum as a recruiter as much as he does replace Luper the coach.
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  4. Yep. Could be an opportunity to land a couple more good ones in February if we bring in an ace recruiter. Let’s be honest, coaching RBs isn’t the most difficult job. It’s probably the position that requires less coaching than any other.
  5. What’s the deal with former TCU guys and Mizz?

    There’s going to be some bummed out young RBs in the locker room at TCU. They really love Lupe. He’s a good man and I’m happy for him.

    He will be really hard to replace as steady father figure and a recruiter.
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  6. Yeah, I imagine recruiting is 90% of Luper’s job. I don’t know how involved he is with the OC responsibility, but I’ve always been under the impression that Cumbie does the lion’s share of coordinating the offense.

    And then being a RBs coach is kind of like being a running coach. Sure, you can make a difference, but 95% of it is about who you’re coaching.
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  7. Thomsen is a fine coach, was successful at ACU and is close to Cumbie. Could be ideal to pair them.
  8. As I noted in another thread I’d kick the tires on former TCU RB Andrew Hayes Stoker at Illinois.

    Definitely no ill will from me toward Lupe. He was good for us and has more than earned the right to be an OC on his own (although I suspect Drinkwitz runs that offense).
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  9. Whoever we hire as RB coach doesn’t need the CO-OC title unless he has play calling skins on the wall
  10. He’s be great!
  11. He’s been on staff now for 3 years..He’s already paired with Cumbie..Im not sure why giving him an CO-OC title would do anything for our offensive output. Are you saying he doesn’t have any input now? I highly doubt that
  12. That’s why I suggested the promotion of Thomsen to keep him from FSU and make sure the really good young OL he’s been bringing in stay happy.
  13. Can Anderson go to Mizzou too?
  14. Luper > Cumbie on the recruiting trail. He’ll be tough to replace but I’ll reserve judgement until we see the staff adjustments etc.
  15. TCU needs help with game planning and calling. Lots of great OCs TCU could grab on their staff or dynamic playcallers that could also bring in excitement with recruiting.
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  16. Lupe is a great recruiter but I also feel like we have young guys like Fitch, Gonzalez, Kelly, and Modkins that can help to fill that vacuum.
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  17. Count me as one excited to see another style of RB. I hated the way the RBs got to the line and danced looking for the hole. Be decisive. If the hole is completely closed the. Go somewhere else but there was too much tap dancing in the backfield.
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  18. I have always felt like we had to abbreviate his name Loop as opposed to Lupe. Whenever I see Lupe, I read-pronounce it like the Spanish woman’s name
  19. Makes me think he's always the one to clean up the booth after a game.

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