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Love The Win/Stats ... Hated Penalties/Uniforms

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by asleep003, Oct 3, 2020.

  1. We out played Horns in most statistical categories(unfortunately even # of penalties).... however, we are a sharper look in road all whites with either white or purple helmets. But would definitely take a victory in those awful fatigue unis too.
  2. Vast improvement over the red and purple freak show last year IMO.
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  3. Prefer those over the white tops... purple(HS)pants/helmet combo. If they used this combo with the white helmets, then that would be an improved roady uni over today's unis..
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  4. I say every year we wear our ugliest uniforms for UT. Seems to be working.
  5. But we also beat them when we look really sharp ....
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  6. We have the best looking uniforms in the country. My students even think so and I teach in South Florida.
  7. Those unis were solid, as were the red and purple ones from last year.
  8. If the team likes their unis, the I'm fine with them. The fashion statement is for the players, not me.
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  9. Why was there no Frog horn at the game? Just curious.
  10. I agree. Keep wearing ugly uniforms when playing Horns. Dont mess with a good thing.
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  11. I don’t think it’s allowed in visiting stadiums.
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  12. I know these things are just a matter of taste but I liked the red and purple combo. It was among the most talked about unis last year. The kids absolutely loved it.
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  13. I think that’s basically the same combo (except updated tops) we beat them in Austin in 2016.
  14. Loved those uniforms and everyone without any type of TCU connection loved them as well.
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  15. I liked the look and I know the players felt badarse in them.
  16. I am a uniform purist but the the Red and Purple ones from last year might be greatest the non historical uniforms ever.
  17. I loved yesterday's uniform, especially the horned pattern around the neck.
    I seem to remember in the recent past they were penalizing for bare knees showing, right? That rule must have been flushed. Lots of knees yesterday. Or was that in the pros? It's hell getting old.
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    The Ugly look is OK, but yesterday's HS look is bad. Sharp or Ugly!

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