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Looking ahead to a new regime what may/should change besides just the football?

Paul in uhh

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"Low carb options"? What? Like a Salad Stand? A Tofu Truck? Screw that crap! Give me a Bacon Stand! "We got strips, we got crumbles, we got candied, we got chocolate covered, we got Bacon Ice Cream, we got cheese covered bacon..."

Bacon, man! BACON!
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Didn’t read the thread responses but the peripherals is the answer to the original question.

Marketing, S&C, Culture, Fan experience, and People related Infrastructure. I’ll add that while we recruited pretty well, there is an enormous amount of strides to be made in our own backyard.


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A call-in show?

Who still uses their phones to call people?

This is not rebranding. This is proclaiming our target market as retired old people who still call customer service when their WIFI isnt working well.


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When people say they want more transparency, what they are really saying is "I can do a better job than you and now im going to tell you exactly what it is you need to be doing instead because I watched the game from the 40-yard line"

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