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LOL Aggie

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by froginmn, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Looks like nice uniforms to go 5-7 in!
  2. I wonder what kind of championship they'll claim when they do.
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  3. GQ
  4. Ribbed...for her pleasure.
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  5. Until we finally get rid of our camo uniforms, I don't feel very comfortable making fun of anyone else.
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  6. Maybe not our best look, but they sure did look good during the UT beat down... 30-0 after the first quarter.
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  7. It's really the application or usage of them that is so bad. If you just had 1 piece of frog skin used in combo with other stuff it looks good. But instead we double or triple down on that pattern and it looks...not great.
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  8. Given the right combination, the Camo has grown on me. The only time I really hated it was the full grey pajama look. Yikes.

    Come to think of it, did we wear our camo tops at all last year? I know our away jerseys have the frogskin numbers, and we wore the frogskin pants, but I'm pretty sure our home jerseys last year were all black with the exception of the SMU white-out.
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  9. Isn't an aTm something that hands out money?
  10. Just to high school seniors.
  11. Does Daylon get rights?
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  12. [Kaneclapping.gif]
  13. We played that day like we looked... like a putrid pile of dog doo-doo.

    Frogskin would need the grey helmet, gray top and white pants to look decent. Any other application just looks, well, bad.
  14. Bram disagrees.
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  15. For sure. I should have clarified that my post was referring to the grey unis.

    I dig the Purple Frogskin, and that Alamo Bowl look is one of my recent faves.
  16. I thought this combination was pretty good too...


    Included this pic just because of what happens right after...

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  17. Is camo not a school color?
  18. Looks like corduroy. They'll be running down the field chasing the ball carrier sounding like Costanza out to lunch with the office.
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  19. Two stripes on the shoulder, one on the legs.

    Something about Aggy and candy stripes

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