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Listenbee Lawsuit Update 3/19/2018

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froglaw, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. Then again, KL might just have a case of...
  2. Probably based on the open courts clause of the Texas Constitution. Everyone in Texas has a case for pretty near anything. A winner? That's another matter entirely.
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  3. In that case I’d like to sue Baylor.
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  4. If they can allege they have an injury caused by excessive application of a corticosteroid per AMA guidelines, then yes.
  5. FIFY
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  6. Any indication he was fake yelled at by fake GP?
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  7. Slow day in traffic Court so Froglaw has all day to research.
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  8. Listenbee is willing to give you his address and kF forum name.
  9. Murder was the case that they gave him.
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  10. Of Keystone?
  11. TurtleCreek?
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  12. More like a viable
    No, but several gamers kept playing him even though he was injured. He is probably researching everyone’s username who jeopardize his NFL career.
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  13. i equate KL’s case to a workers comp claims. in workers comp, an employer can’t force you back to work. an employer can’t use their leverage to pressure you to return early.

    let’s say you pull your back at work, something fierce. you are out for 6 weeks, bedridden. your boss calls you a week into your bed rest and says that good employees who get promoted don’t take time off. on and on.

    you have rights as a worker. why doesn’t KL have the same rights? why do is it okay for college athletes to feel pressure to rerun early?

    sure, everyone does it.

    i think colleges and coaches need to live by the reasonable expectation to put the athlete first, especially in injury situations. not sure if tcu met the reasonable expectation here.

    im glad we live in a country where we have the freedom to make arguments in courts.
  14. If the doctor says the employee can return to work, the employer absolutely can require the employee to return to work or risk the consequences.
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    And in GP’s words, they cannot force anyone to play. Did you pay attention to his interview?
  16. Nope. Those were hijacked by a teammate and he couldn't catch them bc of his injury.
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  17. This is only true when the worker in question has not been medically cleared to return to work. In this case, everything we’ve read suggests that team doctors did clear KL to return to the field, in which case it’s absolutely valid to require him to return to work or face consequences such as demotion, firing, or whatever.

    I don’t think KL has a case against TCU, but if his allegations about overuse of corticosteroids are true, then I think he may have a case for medical malpractice. But TCU uses contractors to insulate them from medical liability ... so I don’t see how TCU bears any responsibility unless the medical group can prove that GP pressured them to clear KL.
  18. the doctor hired, and paid, by the company? btw, not suggesting the docs in tcu’s case but it’s not unfathomable to imagine a situation where the docs have pressure themselves.
  19. Wow...I’m speechless. So much I don’t like about this response I don’t know where to begin. Unless CGP threatened to revoke his scholarship or CGP went against doctors advice I’m not sure how Listenbee has a case against TCU. I mean, where do you draw the line? What constitutes “pressure?” Huge can of worms here. Of course, lawyers love cans of worms...they feed off them.
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    The only doctor to give an opinion? Yes.

    If Kolby’s complaint is that Patterson pressured the TCU-contracted doctor into releasing him before he was really able to play, OK. But such a complaint would be more believable if Kolby’s petition weren’t then littered with irrelevant anecdotes about GP pressuring him and others to play. It’s a shakedown, pure and simple, and one that has no chance at success. Kolby may very well have a legitimate argument to make against the doctors, but the ONLY reason to throw TCU, the Big 12, Patterson, Del Conte, and Meacham into the suit the way he did is to try to force a settlement from them to avoid embarrassment.

    His attorney, while I’m certain a wonderful advocate, seems to have forgotten that attorneys are also counselors. Because of him, Kolby has now needlessly burned bridges. He owed Kolby better.
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