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LHCGMFP -- 17th Highest Paid Coach

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by steelfrog, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. Is he yielding 17th best results?

    The Iowa State guy who doubled us up would presumably kill to make $1.3mm more, and to live in D/FW and not Ames...

    The guy who out-coached him last week makes less than half of GP...

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  2. I wish they had this list for offensive coordinators. Gary is good in my book. I bet he finds a way to beat Tom Hermann on Saturday.
  3. Are there 16 other coaches with 2 top-10 finishes in the last 5 years?
  4. good question, rough count i had 12 coaches who have had teams ranked in top 10 in the playoff rankings between 2014-2081

    saban - 5
    meyer - 5
    dabo - 4
    stoopes- 2/ riley -2
    patterson - 3
    smart - 2
    chryst - 2
    franklin - 2
    fisher - 2
    freeze - 2

    d'antonio - 2

    interesting part is 4 of the 12 are no longer at the school they accomplished they feat.

    stoopes retired, urban.....um....kinda retired, fisher left for atm, and freeze got terminated.
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  5. How many of those would not be on the hot seat if they followed a season like last season with this season?
  6. good question.

    fisher left fsu and it depends upon who you to talk to as to why he wanted or needed to leave

    d'antonio is catching some heat for some of the very reasons people have mentioned on this site.
  7. Maybe coaches should work on commission. You get a base salary that's enough to survive on but only get big money after each victory. I'm sure they'd all go for that, right?
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  8. Trying to set a record for most uses of the word "season" in a single sentence?
  9. adapt the charile finley idea that each mlb player is on a one year contract
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  10. When the guy in Ames matches Gary’s overall performance, and not just that of one game head to head, then this would be a fair comparison.
  11. So he's #4 on that list without coaching at a school called Clemson, Alabama, or tOSU?
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  12. Steel has ALWAYS been jealous of Gary for some weird reason--for a guy that rarely comes to a game he sure has a lot of time to take shots at the Coach.

    I know his stance is all shtick but I for one wish steel and his many bad alias on this site would just shut up or go away.
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  13. looks like it
  14. In the end, I think we should offer more money that he can use for assistants. He has tried to get more money for them pretty much every year.

    And give him 1.5 in the budget for each coordinator. Gary does not have a school buyout. That works both ways. But if he can get a reliable consistent OC by next year, it could be a mess. Either that, or hope that Sonny is just very very carefully bringing Max along and we get 10 wins next season.
  15. I once had to use the term proportionate impact 11 times in one (large) paragraph. That job really sucked.
  16. He's deserves to be high on that list. The guy's a made man around here.

    Our offensive coordinator-not so much.
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  17. Even people who are currently critical of GP would be crazy to think he hasn't earned every penny that he's made in his time at TCU.
  18. How many of those have made the playoffs?
  19. saban, meyer, dabo, stoopes, riley, and fisher

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