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Les Miles Midseason Kansas OC Change

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Ray Finkle, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. this.......les had an analyst on his staff who was brought in to implement rpo features into their offense so the change was fairly simple.

    i have said this multiple times on this board about the use of analyst and recruiting, but the frogs have fallen behind their peers in the big 12 and other area programs.

    look at the staff and ask where are the new ideas going to come from inside this program? are new ideas welcome?

    when people look at the changes miles and eddie o made and wonder why not a tcu remember that gary doesn't have the pressure on him as eddie o does at lsu. miles only has loyalty to himself at kansas.

    gary has surrounded himself with an extended family which makes a great story to tell recruits, but this is not a healthy issue for bringing about real change.
  2. And Miles is smart enough to figure out that there is no way possible, no matter how much his DNA wants it, to run a ball control boring offense at Kansas because he will never have the monsters on defense that he had at LSU. You can almost convince yourself that you can get away with that type of offense when you have LSU's talent on D. He knows that's never gonna happen at Kansas so he adapted. Kudos to him for making a change so quickly.
  3. He did make a change in 2014. It worked for a couple of years. Now it’s not working. I think it’s disingenuous to assume he can’t / won’t make a change when he has in the past.

    That being said, how many changes did the likes of Florida, UT, LSU, Tennessee, UCLA, USC make before something worked? For some, none of it has worked, and only made things worse.
  4. I think it was pretty obvious he was uncomfortable in the way it worked. He kind of gave in, and it worked for awhile, but when it stopped working so well he reverted back to what he's comfortable with.
  5. I think that’s pretty accurate. IMO, the big change he needs to make is that he needs to accept the fact that protecting the defensive stats is prohibiting us from winning. Once he comes to grip with that, he can figure out if Cumbie is the guy or not. Until then, I’m not sure it matters who our OC is.
  6. I've stated my dual-purple allegiance many times here... and I love me some Les "The Sodfather" Miles. The fact that Miles actually made this in-season switch (and with the quickness) was a move I never saw coming from him. At LSU - he was NOTORIOUS for keeping certain guys around on his staff. He was also stubborn about keeping his old-school, grind it out Pro-style offense in place. His idea of "modernizing" that side of the ball was trying out a dual-threat QB and having gadget plays to fall back on just in case. The guy put 3 Fullbacks in the NFL during his tenure. lol

    It appears that he found a fresh set of eyes while being a spectator for a spell. Old dog...new trick. Touche'


    I posted my reply before reading the rest of the responses in this thread. If I had - I would have just replied "THIS" to yours.
  7. i think the biggest problem is that gary doesn't value expertise or experience in a system.

    he has made comments in the past about his time at uc davis where they only had a couple of coaches on both sides of the ball. this forced the coaches to learn that side of the ball.

    gary has the ability to do that, but not everyone has and we have seen where it backfired such as moving anderson from coachng receivers to coaching offensive line which was freaking mind boggling.

    i honestly think any coach can implement any offensive system which is why in his mind the frogs offensive staff should be able to put together a capable offense even though you have mismatched experience and really one guy who is a proven teacher (funny his unit has gotten better during his time on campus)
  8. So you're saying he should run for Congress ...
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  9. There is a seemingly endless list of posts about cumbie. It seems most think that cumbie will be gone at the end of the year. Why in the world would you ever assume that? I think we'll see him next year. Coach P just will not fire someone regardless how poor they are doing.
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  10. Exactly correct. Defensive stats are more important than winning the game.
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  11. I don't recall having noticed this at the time but just saw Stewart Mandel talking about it in his mailbag column. Minnesota fired a disastrous DC at the start of November last year. They haven't lost a game since. Sure, this is an unusually successful example and can't be taken as typical. But GP's "never fire a guy mid-season no matter what" principle is clearly wrong.

    There are very good coaches that are willing to do it. Lincoln Riley has already been to the playoff; Les Miles has a national championship ring; PJ Fleck sure looks like a better coach than GP right now.

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  12. So many alumni/supporters are trying to "fix" GP which cannot be done. It is what it is. GP is our coach for as long as he wants it. Will he reload the offense, probably not, but he will make some changes, though minor in the overall offense layout. Defense, forget it, he's the defensive authority, and is not interested in a new defensive position coach that will stand up in a meeting and tell GP he's wrong because...........
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  13. You lost me at “as long as he wants it”.
  14. When he's ready to retire. We will not move him out and tell him to take his statue with him.
  15. You lost me at “when he’s ready to retire”.
  16. I don't know Moose, you've lost me now.
  17. I'm with 4th here; I'll never be for removing GP. Nothing could do more long term harm to our program than for our alumni to divide into pro and anti GP factions. There's no way for that to end well if the only central question in the divide is on-field performance. That's why GP needs to make sure that things don't get that bad. Ultimately he's the one enduring his own legacy. I don't know if I'm trying to fix him; I want him to fix TCU football. That's what I care about. If he wants to be an incoherent and awkward blusterer while he does it, that's fine. He can be himself, he just needs to make sure that his people get their jobs done or else get other jobs to do elsewhere.
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  18. The "disruption" he is concerned about is exactly what we need. Its a good thing.

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