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Last Touchdown


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I was glad Morris had a chance to play, then throw a TD. Remember what happened when we only scored 55 against ISU? Don't want that to happen again.

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Screw 'em with their time outs, their throwing late, the reverse pass crap against backups, etc. I was wanting to go for 2 after the last touchdown, kick onsides, and then throw vertical routes to try to score again.


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Didn't ISU throw it on us last year, even when they were up multiple scores?

Scheiss Matt Campbell.

I just wish Bailey would've gotten the touchdown. He was open on the righthand side. Dude wanted a touchdown and was running like a man possessed.
I like watching Bailey run. Really all three backs bring something different, but when they get going, tough to tackle any of the 3. Like Brock Hourd kept saying last night…these Frogs are bigger, stronger and faster than they were last year. When we talk about coaching improvements, Kaz has to be included. Wow. Not ready for this season to end, but will be exciting to see what next year’s group will look like.

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I’m not a fan of maliciously running up the score when TCU is far ahead, but I also strongly believe they should just play the game and let the chips fall where they may.

There‘s a big difference between executing an on-sides kick when you have a big lead, and allowing your backups to run the regular offense late in the fourth quarter.

It isn’t necessary to run between the tackles every play, but running a double reverse with a thirty point lead is just bad form, and the opposing coach will remember it.

Go Frogs!

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Unfortunately, college football is about appearance more than a simple playoff. You don't want to look back and wish you had scored another TD to remove all doubt.
I am sure SD wasn’t real happy with Matt Campbell with those time out shenanigans after one of our scores, maybe the late scoring was his response , but when you put your 2-3s in…let them play..it’s practice with real points..CM looked good, can’t understand why Bailey hasn’t been on the field more often.. very explosive

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A great coach once said…”I will stop trying to score on them when they stop trying to score on me.”
We had in all second and third team on O & D playing against their 1s. Do you expect our 2s & 3s on D to not attempt to stop them from scoring? Of course, you don’t!
So why would you expect our 2s & 3s on O to not do everything they can to score.
The play was a perfect call and a perfect completion. We didn’t add insult to injury. We added injury to injury.
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Coaching etiquette says that you're not supposed to do either
I disagree. When your team is getting their asses handed to them, trying to score via a trick play against backups isn't breaking etiquette.

That said, and this may be small of me, but I remember ISU scoring a late TD in last years game, when they were up by a bunch. Just for that alone, I have no problem with our last TD in this years game.
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I still wonder if we had hung 70+ on ISU in 2014 and had not started taking knees for multiple drives in the 4th quarter if they would have still dropped us out of the playoff. The answer is probably yes but if we won 76-3 that makes it pretty hard argue we don’t belong.