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Last Chance U - Season 5

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jul 29, 2020.

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    New season dropped today. They’re in Oakland, California at Laney College. Have only watched two episodes so far but it is far and away amazingly more refreshing than the prior seasons.

    The coach seems like an actual coach, not that the others weren’t, but you can tell this guy actually knows how to coach and practices the profession of coaching, unlike the two previous schmucks that just berated their players and believed in their own overinflated sense of self worth. He may be old school and he’s got a mouth, like every coach, but so far he seems like just a truly good dude who wants to help his players.

    The players seem interesting and so far, there isn’t one that is super annoying or unlikeable. There is a CB that looks like he could be that guy, he talks way too much so we’ll see what happens with him. There is a wr/qb kid that is sleeping in his car, has some father issues, and that is pretty like able and you start rooting for him to succeed.

    Now all this could change as I’ve only seen two episodes but this season already seems so much better than the others. Highly recommend it. Apparently it’s the final season as well as the show will move to focusing on juco basketball.

    Bonus reasons to watch: they play Too Short in one episode and in the first game a guy gets demolished with one of the most brutal hits I’ve seen in a long time.
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  2. Shorty the Pimp! I’m sold!
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  3. I've watched three episodes.

    Coach obviously loves what he is doing and these kids listen.

    The O lineman with the wife and two daughters makes you feel that there is hope for all of us.

    Great show.
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  4. stopped watching after one season of that idiot in mississippi and had no interest after listening to the guy in kansas being interviewed on the radio a couple of times.

    went and did quick search on laney and the head coach and wow, he definitely has some skins on the wall in terms of coaching when you can say you were the head of a high school program that went toe to toe with de la salle. link to beam's bio:


    also found a list of players between 2008-2017 that played at laney that went on 4- year schools


    looks like something that is worth a look and appreciate the heads up
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  5. Thanks for the heads up. I need something new to watch that is sports related.
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  6. Wasn’t there a season with wherever Sir Demarcus Bledsoe (not positive of the name but I am positive his first name was Sir) ended up? I thought he was going to be a badass but apparently was nothing but a cancer in the locker room. You never know...
  7. I don’t remember that one but could be.
  8. That’s a blast from the past. I believe he finally ended up at Langston University and then jail. He didn’t learn his lesson from his mistakes at TCU and continued to make bad decisions after his departure. Sad deal.
  9. Crazy stuff. I thought he was supposed to be a safety for TCU. I guess it didn’t matter. I hope he has had a chance to figure it out.
  10. But that mustache
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  11. The eyes kept drifting to it so often...
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  12. Just finished Season 5.

    Covid hit during recruiting.

    Indicated Season 6 would be in 2021 not 2020.

    ! SIGH !
  13. There is not another football season, sadly, that was it. They will not be doing Last Chance U as it pertains to football anymore.

    They will be moving to focus on juco basketball at a California school I believe.
  14. The first 2 seasons were the best - Brittany stole the show. Seasons 3 and 4 depressed me. Are those kids really that uneducated? Alarming....Thanks for the book report, Chongo.
  15. Interesting. Why not do shows on hoops?
  16. Dropped? What are you, a newspaper reporter?
  17. you must be off your meds or you quoted the wrong post genius.
  18. You don't get it. NMP
  19. I like insanity and high drama when watching reality shows. I personally rate this one as the worst Last Chance U of the 5 season. It was refreshing to see higher caliber coaches and student athletes in this season compared to the others. With that though is less drama and that’s why I rate it 5th

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