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Lamar Jackson will not play until Colin is hired

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. Bored, I see. Haha
  2. So, assuming Jackson is serious, the Ravens are now the only team in the NFL with any incentive whatsoever to sign Kaep. I'm quite certain the other 31 teams are just fine with the reigning MVP not playing a down.
  3. Well and the other teams that think he’s a good QB. I love how some people think Kaepernick is Chad Hutchinson. He was a damn good QB for awhile.

    lol. But I get what you’re saying. If I’m the Steelers. Or anyone else in that division, I’m not signing him. :)
  4. Tweet deleted. Guessing he thought he better dial that back in.
  5. If CK was any good he'd have been in the NFL this whole time. You telling me if someone like Russell Wilson had done this instead of CK he would have just been blackballed from the league??? ZERO chance. I'm entirely OK with the idea that he was some sort of serviceable backup and teams just didn't want to deal with that from a guy that was easily replaceable by 30 other dudes but the idea that he was "good" and still couldn't find a job...... NOPE.
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  6. Settle down. Yes you kind of proved my point, he was a more than servicable backup. You’re telling me he wasn’t better than RGIII?
  7. He probably got a call from RGIII and Trace McSorely.
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  8. Don’t expect a response by him because he’s always right.
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  9. I think that Kaep was a serviceable starter. And the biggest problem for him, I think, is that it was at the most visible position on the field. If everything about him and what he did had been exactly the same but he was a serviceable starter at RG then he probably would still be in the league. It would've blown over quite quickly.

    But at QB, you're either signing him to be the starter and leader of your franchise or a backup. If the starter then he's a huge distraction who may be alienating a lot of your fanbase (justified or not) while not being a difference maker who can actually carry a team. If a backup then he's the noisiest backup QB in the history of the game in terms of media circus. Neither of those options are great for an NFL franchise when there are a dozen other comparable players you can bring in that cause none of that.

    Now, is all of that fair to Kaep? Absolutely not. Like what he did or not, he lost his job for expressing an opinion and that sucks for him. But sometimes that's the reality of a business like that.

    And at this point why the scheiss would anyone want ANY QB who hasn't played in 5 years? Especially in a season where practice and preseason prep are going to be at an all time low.
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  10. Country is a good poster but his love for Trump has made him blind to politics and sports . I would take Kap over any QB that the Steelers currently have.

    Prove me wrong without bashing my team

    and scheiss the Cowboys
  11. I'm 110% right.
  12. In your own mind hall monitor
  13. Can’t disagree with anything you said.

    Also can’t disagree with Ifrog.

    Who knows what kaep can still do, but he’s 32, and if he can still play, as a cowboys fan, I’d sign him as a backup.
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  14. He was a back up. Nobody in any sport wants a backup that is a major distraction. You used the word "good". He wasn't good.
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  15. Let’s just discount all of the backups in the NFL by your logic

    Everyone knows why you don’t think he standa a chance. He kneeled
  16. He’s too narcissistic to take a backup role (and backup money) and not good enough to overcome the distraction and enmity from the fan base his signing would bring. Bad combo
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  17. I'll ignore the fact that your post is gibberish. Name one backup in any major sport that is a massive distraction to his team.
  18. Every time I hear the term “narcissistic” it makes me laugh for those that project.
  19. He was amazing for a few years, especially in the playoffs. Yup it was years back, but the dude helped the niners (yes, Montana, Rice, TO, Young) set a franchise high for yardage in a playoff game. I know he took a step back later in his career, but again, stop pretending he was Chad Hutchinson.
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