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KU Prediction Thread

Ok, let's hear it from you all. Predict the following:

1) Final Score
2) Who finishes with more rushing yards: a) Max Duggan, b) Kendre Miller, or c) Jalen Daniels
3) How many yards does Max throw for?

I'll start:
1) TCU 47 - KU 24
2) Kendre Miller
3) 302


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This will either turn out like our road Game Day games against BYU in 2009 and Utah in 2010, or WVU in 2014. Blowout that is over at halftime, or final second nail bitter.


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Frogs 21 KU 24

Daniels with 316 rushing
Max with only 165 passing

We revert back to the short side option for offense and forget how to tackle on defense. After breaking multiple arm tackles all day Daniels runs circles around our defense.


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TCU 27 KU 10
Miller takes over and makes us glad that he doesn't have to share the rock with Zach Evans (who he had more ypc than anyway) by gaining 200 yards on the ground
Max has another solid day with 265 yards through the air.


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Off the back of their first GameDay, Kansas comes out skyhigh and jumps out to an early two-score lead. Our guys recover, pull ahead in the 2nd half, and survive a late KU rally.

Frogs - 45
Jayhawks - 41


315 passing yards


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This game worries me. Both teams will come out fighting hard to win this one. It may come down to who makes fewer mistakes.

I looked at some of the stats from the ISU/KU low scoring game, which ISU should have won had they had a semi-decent FG kicker. Still amazes me how they lost that game. Daniels passing stats were not good in that game: 7-14 and only 93 yards (he had one running TD), whereas Dekkers went 30 of 48, for 287 yards, with one TD and one INT.

KU must have one heck of a defense.

I hope this doesn't come down to FGs, nonetheless. I think we are much better than ISU, and if we can establish our run game, it could be a long day for Daniels and company. Most importantly, we want to control the time of possession, and score at will (like in our OU game!!!).

This is a game we SHOULD win by double digits. Play smart, play hard and contain Daniels.

Nick Danger

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Let's see . . . I'll say TCU 42 - 21!

I'm going to predict that Demercado winds up with the most rushing yards with 122, with Miller close behind with 109 and Duggan with 50-something, in a TCU "share the wealth" running attack!

Meanwhile, Duggan gets 245 . . . no wait . . . 246 passing yards!

"So let it be written, so let it be done"!
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