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KillerFrogs Launches KF NIL, LLC

You all said we should, so we did! WC Nix, Sean Foushee, and I are proud to announce KF NIL!!! We have TCU's blessing (including Sonny Dykes) and are ready to start taking donations. The press release will go out next week. Please spread the word so KillerFrogs' NIL Program can help catapult TCU to one of the top colleges for NIL opportunities in all sports.

Who We Are: Established in 1997, KillerFrogs.com is the largest online community for TCU fans. After the NCAA NIL announcement, members of the KillerFrogs.com community urged KillerFrogs.com to form a NIL Program for TCU athletes. From there, KF NIL, LLC was born.

Our Goal: KF NIL’s goal is to reach as many TCU student-athletes as financially possible and provide them with memorable and unique experiences within their fanbase and community. KillerFrogs is registered with Opendorse and in open communication with TCU’s NIL department so to stay compliant in this everchanging and fast-paced new world of Name, Image, and Likeness. For more information refer to TCU’s Scaled to Succeed Program

NIL Donations: We accept donations of any size and will work with donors as much or as little as they prefer to make sure their donation is allocated as they see fit. Needless to say, this is happening before our eyes, and we are in a race with other colleges. Wire transfers are available now. The link to donate (non-wire transfers) will be live early next week. To speak with a KillerFrogs staff (Sean, WC, or Ryann) about NIL opportunities please email KFNIL@killerfrogs.com and we will reach back out to you.

Types of NIL Activities may include but are not limited to:

  • Guest on KillerFrogs Podcasts
  • Spokesperson for Charity
  • Autograph session at the KillerFrogs’ Annual State of the Frogdom
  • KillerFrogs interviews and videos for KillerFrogs|FanNation, Sports Illustrated.
  • Internships
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Appearances
  • Brand Marketing
* We want to make NIL rewarding and memorable for every athlete. Help us to do that. Please share your ideas and if we can do it, we will!

Please refer to TCU’s Scaled to Succeed for more detail and prohibited categories.

For more information about TCU’s partnership with Opendsorse and TCU’s Neeley School of Business, please click here.

Thank you and Go Frogs!


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