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Key West reccomendations?

Discussion in 'The Bar' started by Bob Sugar, Feb 8, 2021.

  1. Heading there in a few weeks and have never been. Any tips?
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  3. Hemingway house, Tortuga park, rum. Not necessarily in that order.
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  4. Practically the laid back capital of the world. The sunset gathering downtown is a tradition. Got to have some conch (pronounced conk) at at least one meal. Parking can be a big problem downtown. If you are a vet, consider the Visiting Officer's Quarters at the naval air station.
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  5. Ask a local for directions to Hogfish Bar and Gril, it’s not a secret like it used to be but still delicious. Blue Heaven is unique and good. Used to be a fun piano bar called something Kevin’s. Lots to do...... don’t forget they do give out DWI’s on bicycles.
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  6. What Realtorfrog said. If you are flying there and planning on renting a car, don't. Take a taxi to where you're staying and rent bikes. There's nowhere to park a car, and plenty of bike racks. Plus, it's not terribly large, so bicycling is the way to go.

    Breakfast: https://www.glazeddonuts.com/ Insanely delicious donuts!
    First Flight Restaurant and Brewery http://firstflightkw.com/ Good breakfast and mimosas.

    Drinking: https://www.greenparrot.com/ I loved the joint.
    Duval Street is little more than Tourist Crap. There's just one bar worth stopping at for a drink or two, and that's the Tree Bar, which is nestled under a big tree across from Sloppy Joe's. All the drinks are made with fresh-squeezed juices, or mixed with house-made bitters. Reasonable prices, too. Rolling through and having a Daiquiri at Sloppy Joe's is merely a check-off item. There's a host of other interesting joints to find a good cocktail. I mean, it's Key West!

    I second Blue Heaven. Lobster. Mmmm... Hogfish is a local fishie, and is absolutely delicious. Conch Fritters with tangy remoulade is always a fine finger food. Ana's Cuban Cafe makes about as authentic a Cuban Sandwich as you will find outside Havana. The Southernmost Beach Cafe was worth a stop.

    Hemingway House was lovely. Some interesting things: The Kitty Condos on the north side of the house, and sadly, the kitty graveyard nearby. All the cats have Movie Star names. (Ask after Greta Garbo, the seven fingered cat!) I found Hemingway's writing room and library fascinating!

    Audubon House was interesting. Fabulous orchids, and a wonderful shop full of prints and watercolors.

    Mrs. Brewingfrog and I enjoyed biking down to the Fort Zachary Taylor Beach on the southwest end of the island. Take some food and drink and enjoy an afternoon.

    Have fun!

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  7. We like to drive down from Miami and hit a few of the places on the way down. Don’t take the express unless in a hurry or on the way back.

    Good suggestions above but some of the places we liked (and not so down on Duval St as it can be fun):

    B.O. Fish- a shack but really really good

    Sunset Key-short ferry ride over but beautiful beach and outdoor dining.

    Garden of Eden: you have to go at least once but heard it is a lot more crowded these days. Used to have some great music.

    Bagatelles: Great seafood but a little pricey however a beautiful place.

    Enjoy as it is hard to not have a good time even if the fishing is bad.
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  8. You should really spend most evenings at the Garden of Eden or the rooftop at the Whistle Bar.
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    Holy crap Key West is the Brilesboobs!! Been there every year for a week the past four years for MileZeroFest featuring Texas Country bands....freaking love it. Heading back in April myself.

    Ok...Where do I start...

    1. Lobster Shack. Best sammich I've had in my life. Insaine lobster rolls.

    2. Southernmost House Hotel. It's where I stay every year but the place has a badass outside bar and awesome food truck with benches overlooking the ocean at the end of Duval.

    3. Angelina's and Pizza Joe's. Late night pizza places on Duval. Both are delicious.

    4. Rent a golf cart. Dude, it's the way everyone gets around. So much fun.

    5. Smokin Tuna. Yea, it's a touristy place but it has great food...especially the smoked tuna dip. Usually has live music also.

    6. Irish Kevin's. Cool bar on Duval. Has great merch and usually live music.

    7. Listen to Thom Shepard's "Key West" song...its great and perfectly sums up the town in 3 mins.

    8. TunaSkin shop on Duval. It's a better version of Columbia in terms of the fishing shirts and aquatic gear. Some super cool stuff hardly anyone outside Florida knows about.

    9. Breakfast/drinks at Casa Marina Hotel. This is the best breakfast buffet I've been to in my life. Even if buffets are canceled...you gotta stop by this place. Remember that scene in the Godfather with Hyman Roth in Cuba at the hotel? This is just like it. It's a Waldorf property so it's incredibly nice yet chill, old school and spacious. Has an awesome seaside bar and chairs everywhere. Go eat a meal or have a drink there. It's awesome. Gotta go.

    10. Breakfast/coffee/grocery. Ana's Cuban Cafe. Small place but has awesome sammichs and the best coffee ever. Also has a small, kinda upscale grocery store attached with stuff you can stock the room with, wine, breads, snacks, etc. The 2nd day shopping/eating there you'll feel like a local.
  10. All solid recommendations so far on KW. My parents have lived there for over 30-years and here are few I would recommend.
    1) Bagetelles- yes a little costly, but you're in KW so expect to spend $$$s. Ask for front patio seating, the people watching is worth it. Order the tuna
    2) Hogfish-one of my folks favorite places
    3) Salute on the beach-Higgs beach, walking distance from their place
    4) A&B-$$$s but good
    5) Raw Bar-good happy hour, good oysters so choke down a dozen
    6) Schooner Wharf-locals hang-out here
    7) Irish Kevin's-used to be the most fun on Duval when Jared performed . Good dude but I couldn't keep up with him drinking (RIP Jared)
    8) Garden of Eden....only got drunk enough to go there once and saw a little China-man with a chubby walking around and told my wife I had seen enough
    9) The Bull-usually decent bands
    10) Capt Tony's, the original Sloppy Joe's. My wife and still have our biz cards from 1995 behind a frame on the wall.
    Lastly, you never know who you'll see or what you might see. I shared a beer with Mike Leach one time and another when our kids were quite young, we drove by 801 to a dude in ass-less chaps being whipped by another dude. My wife starts yelling at me for driving by there on purpose and at the same time the kids in the backseat were shrieking with laughter. God, I am a terrible Father.....
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  11. Nearly forgot the "World's Smallest Bar" on Duval. Order shots of Key-Lime Pie, they're around $15 a pop but worth it
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  12. Thanks for all the tips guys. Appreciate it.
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  13. Have fun. The thing we learned about day 3 is that the time to “go out” is 3-6 in the afternoon. The first day we sat around the beach (our hotel had one, most don’t) the pool, the pool bar, then got dressed up to go out around 7 or 8. Not that we had a bad time but the next day someone at the beach told us we had to be on the marina/happy hour bars by 4pm. Great recommendation.

    Oh, and watch out for cocks!! They’re all over the place and great idea for the island!
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  14. I read this in Rick Steves voice. Ask a glocal!
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  15. Heh. Rick Steves, a man who evidently overdosed on Mild Pills, sitting at the Green Parrot downing Tequila shots...
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  16. Massive pot head.
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  17. Just booked me a trip for May. Staying at Casa Marina. Thanks for all of the info.!
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  18. If you have time, stop by the cemetery and walk around. Very interesting.
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  19. But don't linger.
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  20. Wait for Fantasy Fest

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