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Kenrich Williams Update

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by SuperTFrog, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. He scored 13 points in a row for the Pelicans tonight. Announcers giving him all kinds love. Saying teams always say they want a smart team but then they go hire dumb players. Hire guys like Kenrich who play hard and play smart and you can build a team around that.

    They also talked about our run from 0-18 to NIT champs to NCAA birth with Kenrich and Jaime.

    Damn I love being a Frog...time to make another Old Fashioned!
  2. 19 pts 6 reb and 2 asst on 60% shooting. Played more minutes than any other player on the court for either side. Seems he may have found himself a home!
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  3. No sure we actually realized how good he and Vlad were and how hard they’d be to replace.
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  4. Some really nice passes in this video last night. He’s making himself a lot of money the way he’s playing. Could have a pretty good run in the NBA with his work ethic
  5. I like his haircut a lot better. Mo' money helps the appearance.
  6. Don’t even recognize him without the mullet.
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  7. A better look for him.
  8. He’s having another good game tonight. Double double in 3rd quarter
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  9. Thanks for the heads up. Firing up the league pass now.
  10. 10 pts, 13 rebounds and 7 assists. Close to a triple double. Filling the stat sheet like he did at TCU.
  11. Kendrich playing next to Zion on ESPN. Made a nice back door cut for a dunk and offensive rebound to follow. I’m behind on DVR so he may have done more at this point.
  12. .
    Liked for actively finding an existing revalant thread and not creating a new one. Well done sir, well done.
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  13. New threads are OK, especially after an almost 5 month break. A new thread might get more views.
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  14. I knew it wouldn’t be much of a discussion so it wasn’t worthy of a new thread, IMO.
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  15. Thank you sir!
  16. A little A-Rob

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  17. Both looking good
  18. For some reason that links not working for me. Is this on his IG?
  19. kenrich needs the minutes in the summer to continue to work on his game.

    tough part in the nba is they don't practice a great deal during the season so aside from individual skills it is tough to work on your game.

    i am not as much concerned about the stats as whether or not he is adding things to his game such as being able to shoot and handle the ball out on the floor.

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