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Kaden Archie Transferring?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by PurplePop2014, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. The one about not being in enough pictures?
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  2. Too many 4* recruits...hope I live to see the day that is a problem with football. If hat happens we will have a definite playoff spot. Otherwise...nobody has made it to the playoffs or the BCS championship game without top-10 recruiting classes. There is just so far you can go by turning 3* into 5*...and that takes time and luck.
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  3. That’s the one but I openly admit that I don’t speak tweet very well so perhaps he could have meant that in a good way...like sick or filthy or something. It just seemed a bit odd to me when I saw it.
  4. I bet we could convince him to stay if someone made him a dumb live edit.
  5. Not many players have their picture blasted on twitter on a missed dunk like he did. To the other comment about him thinking he is a one and done.... AAU ball/coaches have lead a lot of top recruits to think this
  6. What were his expectations this season, with a loaded experienced team? Once he said he wants to leave, I say let him go. Not sure it is good to keep people like that around on your team, in your locker room.
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  7. I swear some times idk who advises these kids. It is so hard to make the NBA. Nevermind be a one and done. Especially for someone who cannot shot right now. Its crazy.
  8. I think realistic expectations for him this season would have been to take RJ’s minutes. Might have accomplished that if he didn’t shoot 24% from the field and 9% from 3. Was going to get minutes just because of his defense presence.
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  9. He is still on the roster, FWIW.
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  10. Floor time is earned. Be patient, improve, compete. Are you a team guy or a me guy? His day is coming on the team.
  11. No kidding
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  12. Rotations get shorter when conference play starts. Wouldn’t at all be surprised if was told he may or may not get into games right now. Yes, he played hard but there comes a point against good teams you can’t play 4 on 5 on the offense end.
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  13. All of this...

    He does seem lost offensively which may be because he's just a freshman or that he's never gonna be an offensive guy....that being said I hope he stays, works on his game and develops.

    If not, Jamie will probably be able to recruit someone even better to take his spot.
  14. I think he already has... maybe another consideration in his decision.
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  15. transition in basketball for some kids can be tough.

    they are the guy not just on their high school team, but aau teams as well and someone like kaden has had people making a big deal about him for years.

    go to college and now you suddenly not only have your minutes reduced but told you can make your biggest contribution without the ball in your hand when for years people have been putting it in your hands and telling you to be you.

    mix in you might look around and feel you can do things that people that are getting the minutes can't and every time you make a mistake you are getting taken out and it happens.

    shame because i do believe he is the type who could make a major impact on this team on the defensive end which is not something tcu has a great deal of at his height. bane isn't a great defender on the perimeter and noi's focus seems to drift. archie is a guy who appeared to give a max effort every time on the defensive end.

    illinois basketball is an interesting destination
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  16. Guess he can go to play for a team or wait his turn and play for a good team. His choice. Illinois isn't that great a program right now.
  17. 3.1% of HS Basketball players will play in college, only .885% will be at a D1 school. Meaning he likely never played against D1 talent, possibly played against a couple NCAA D2-D3/JUCO guys and likely never had one on a team, let alone a locker room full with them.

    It's hard to go from being the best to being a rookie. These kids have tons of hype around them just to realize competition actually exists.
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  18. Hate to lose a local kid.
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  19. We will miss him if we get the injury bug like football had at the forward spot. Otherwise I think his minutes would be limited with Mayen's return
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    I mentioned a couple of weeks ago before the team left for Hawaii the he was the no. 1 candidate for transfer and some on the forum went ballistics.

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