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Kaden Archie Transferring?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by PurplePop2014, Jan 4, 2019.

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    Is this legit?
  2. What's going on? This would mean 2 players have left the team in the last month.
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  3. simple, find the poster here named sources and ask them
  4. I certainly hope not. Who is Andrew Slater?
  5. covers duke for 247
  6. Damn that would really suck
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  7. A bit early to know if true. Figure this would break on TCU’s 247 site instead of Duke’s.

    We will know Monday if true because he should be in the transfer data base. Might know tomorrow if he doesn’t play.

    Archie getting a decent amount of playing time as freshman, so don’t what the issue would be. He definitely looks like a player with a great future so far.

    But, I will wait for confirmation before speculating any further.
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  8. Yeah I think we will know tomorrow if he is suited up or not.
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  9. Meh..... it’s college sports. Relatively normal for there to be attrition. Especially for good programs which is what we’re becoming. If he leaves JD will find someone just as good or better to fill the spot.
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  10. What you said may all but true, the part about attrition coming naturally to good programs is definitely true but that good program attrition is typically for spare, redundant parts. Archie didn’t seem like a spare part and that’s what’s worrisome.
  11. He’s averaging about 2 points and 1.5 rebounds per game and doesn’t have an assist all year. I love the athleticism and how hard he plays but I have no clue if he’s any good.
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  12. Depends on what his expectations are for himself or what JD was expecting from him

    He is getting time but not a lot - so maybe he feels he should get more or maybe JD feels he should be producing more in the mins he is getting...or maybe this is an unfounded rumor
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  13. Like his energy, but is not a shooter. At 6'6" in this offense you have to be a shooter.
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  14. I lean this way as well.
  15. When you’re recruiting an entire roster of highly ranked kids, which is essentially where we’re at now, there is always gonna be a highly regarded kid that isn’t happy with his PT or how he’s being coached (or whatever). Whether this rumor proves true or not it’s gonna happen to us eventually and more than once.
  16. He wore way too short shorts and looked awkward running down the court. Samuel and that kid from Houston have been solid so far. No worries here.
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  17. An incredibly athletic freshman that’s 6’6” and plays very hard is a huge loss. You can’t coach athletic ability, height or someone born with that drive. He is likely able to improve in every other category.
  18. Tell us more about this transfer database because as a former registrar my mind went to something completely different as to why the timing might be as it appears to be.
  19. If he indeed does plan to transfer, he would be eligible next January at another school if he does transfer now. He cannot play tomorrow if that is his intention.
  20. He defends like he belongs...Not being a scorer just meens it’s more difficult for us to wrap our head around what he brings. Even as a true freshman he’s shown he’s probably one of our top 3 defenders. That’s a lot of value
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