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Just Another Music Thread

Discussion in 'The Bar' started by Mean Purple, Aug 7, 2020.

  1. Just posting a music thread so we have tunes in The Bar. Figured we can post any online performances of various musicians and bands (Try to keep the music relatively clean to modern day standards), any cool tunes or lyrics y'all think would give folks a break from everyday nonsense and playcalling worries, tour updates, etc.

    Genre unspecific. If the thread goes nowhere, oh well.
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  2. Friend of mine tuned me into these Wariner Wednesday online shows Steve Wariner has been doing. Next one is Aug. 19. Here's the most recent. Wariner plays a broad repitoir on these. (easy for him to do). He has them all up on ytube.

    h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpx4kZv8K5I
  3. Friend of ours...basically the Snoski of Santa Fe, NM.

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  4. Two years ago this weekend I left my home of 26 years to return to Texas. There's not a day since then I don't miss Guatemala--its people, its climate, its cuisine, its music. The most typical/traditional music of Guatemala is the marimba ensemble. For me, its soothing, peaceful sound reminds me of those happy times "back home" in Central America and surrounds me with happy, non-intrusive melodies.
  5. The Andrews Sisters...."One Meat Ball"....on youtube....My parents had this song on 78 rpm and listened to it frequently-enough that I was familiar with it around age 3 or 4....Spaghetti for supper...being young, I had one meat ball on the plate when everyone else had 2 or more....Mom was in the kitchen getting the bread, but I'm told that I looked at my plate and began to cry because I could get only one meat ball....
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  6. Talented guy. That’s not a Uke or a mandolin, just a tiny guitar, or is he that huge?
    Edit: missed that it’s a guitalele.
  7. Yeah...He’s pretty big, though.
  8. Amazing technique. Thanks for posting the clip.
  9. My son's band. He is the singer.

    They are all married now and busy with life, so not much happening on the musical front for them at the moment.
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  10. Hey, It's Friday!

  11. Shame on me for starting this thread and no carrying it forward.
  12. Happy St. Patty’s Day.

    Flogging Molly, in my mind, surpasses Dropkick Murphy’s in the rhelm of Irish rock music.

  13. I like The Corrs even better than both.
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  14. Hotter, yes. But better than Flogging Molly? That’s just silly.

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