John Stephens Jr. athletic freak show continues

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  1. don't know the distance to the back of the pit, but the guy continues to show what an incredible athlete he is for being the proverbial 3-star athlete from a small town school in north louisiana.

  2. Kids a great talent..
  3. So from this jump - what do you estimate his power clean to be?
  4. in pounds or kilograms?
  5. At least 3
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  6. Can someone post the picture with his head hitting the backboard?
  7. 2023 NFL All-Pro Defensive End.
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  8. Left at least 8" too early too. He hits that board clean and he might have jumped out of that pit.
  9. kg = lb. / 2.2046
  10. I laughed.
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  11. The Power Clean jokes will be around forever. Thank goodness.
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  12. some of you jest as you may, logansport has a very solid high school lifting program and some of john's numbers from his hudl profile indicate this young man has spent some time in the weight room in high school.

    • Jersey #: 9
    • Positions: WR, DE
    • Height & Weight: 6'5" 208lbs
    • 40 Yard Dash: 4.63
    • Vertical: 37
    • Bench: 325
    • 100 Meter Dash: 10.86
    • 400 Meter Dash: 53
    • Squat(LBS): 505
    • Deadlift(LBS): 390
    • Clean(LBS): 305

    if you follow him on twitter you will find he has upped his bench to 330 and there is a cliip of him hang cleaning 300, but since some believe none of that correlates well.....
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  13. couldn't find it, but if you go to his twitter account it is buried somewhere down the account.

    if you go there look for the dunks from the first and second round basketball play-off games this year. amazing that the recruiting services had this kid ranked as 3-star athlete.

  14. Gotta commend you on keeping this bit alive. That’s a lot of commitment!
  15. His deadlift is surprisingly low compared to all of his other lifts and feats, if that number is correct.

    And that's not a knock on the kid at all as that number has no bearing on his football abilities and again doesn't line up with everything else he does.
  16. I guess we just have to throw the ball into the end zone, and he will just out jump everyone for it.
  17. bit?
  18. good question and when you scroll through john's twitter account you see a number of pictures of his logansport teammates deadlifting.

    being involved in three sports might explain a lack of time, but you don't see many people at a regular gym doing hangcleans so he is following someone's training program.

    agree with you that all these numbers don't mean he can of can't play football or i think going forward where he plays for tcu.

    some of the recent video of john has him a bit thicker than last year at this time so i would bet the weight of 208 has long been passed. not sure he is headed for de as philly keeps pushing, but i do believe he will be one of if not the biggest/strongest wr tcu has on the roster come fall and it will be interesting to see if that equates to production
  19. I hope he stays at wr. he'll be a beast
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  20. All taller players struggle with dead lift due to long legs it makes it harder.

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