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Jake....is done.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Punter1, Jun 19, 2021.

  1. I know this isn't a newsflash but after today's outing I fully expect him to be DFA'd by the Cubs. He's been just awful the past month and in the last two starts against the horrible hitting Mets and Marlins, he got shelled.

    The only thing that might save him is the Cubs have 2 starters in the DL so that might keep him around. But he's basically throwing BP up there now.

    Was actually at the game at Wrigley....was awesome to be there with it 100%. Even Chicago is back to normal.
  2. We all have an expiry.
  3. The guy was an absolute beast just a few short years ago...

    Glad to hear the Northside is back!
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  4. So basically this post is you bragging that you went to the game. Got it.
  5. Darning A right it is. Here's a little more...

    So after the game I had an Al's Beef,..awesome Italian Beef sammich...went and hit golf balls in 75 degree weather by the lake then went to a full capacity Lukas Nelson (son of Willie) concert and concluded my night with the best deep dish pizza (https://www.renaldispizza.com/)
    I've had in my life. Pretty darning awesome day.
  6. @Punter1 - Rinaldi is better than Gino's East? Been more than three decades. But love the ol' place on Superior. Also wound up at Giordano's on Rush St. once. Also good.
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  7. Don’t ever eat at the Gino’s East in Arlington. It’s a disaster restaurant.
  8. Yes. This is just me but here is how I rank Chicago's deep dish. They are all badass and at least a 9 on a 1-10 scale...

    1. Rinaldis
    2. Lou Malnatis
    3. Giordano
    4. Genos Eaat
    5. Piquots
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  9. Yep. A fiend of my dad's is the franchise owner of that location. Heard that from many people. The Genos East in Austin went out of business...same for San Antonio.
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  10. Fiends cannot be trusted to run quality eating establishments.
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    I’ve been told by many locals that Giordanno’s is the best. Thus far, I’ve stuck with them. Sounds like I need to venture out a bit.
    There is a place downtown called Heaven on Seven that apparently only the locals know. A friend told us about it. It’s on the seventh floor of one of the high rise office buildings. He recommended to try the shrimp po boy and it was delicious.
    I tried the Al’s Beef once and was disappointed. It was just a soggy sloppy mess. The taste wasn’t bad, it was just kind of a mess to eat and not nearly as good as one had described it. Ate dinner once at the Chop House. It was really good but was a tiny cramped feeling place. Actually not nearly as good a quality steak as our local hometown steakhouse which stacks up nicely against some leading steak places.
    Went to a piano bar after that where a group of about 50 people from Stryker Medical dominated the place and they played about 90% Hall and Oates songs for the hour we were there.
    The architecture tour of the Chicago River was one of the best things we did on that trip.
    We also visited Second City for an improv show. Pretty good but very anti Trump liberal comedy that got old fast. We happened to be there on election night when Trump defeated Hillary, so it was kind of funny to watch the lib performers get angry throughout the night as it became apparent Trump would win.
  12. Good to see Chicago back to normal — except, it’s Chicago for chrissakes. Yes it has a few cool things but is mostly and overwhelmingly a scheissing dumpster fire. Chicago.
  13. Lou Malnati’s for deep dish. Geno’s for the best thin crust pizza on God’s mostly green, but somewhat brown this time of year in TX, earth. Sausage, pepperoni, and extra sauce.
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  14. Mrs. Brewingfrog, who was a denizen of the Greater Chicagoland Area took me to Uno back when it was just a single location. Outstanding deep dish!

    Of course, the founders passed, and franchising took the reins. Soon it was just a mockery of it's former glory...

    I never liked Geno's.
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  15. Your dad’s friend appears to have more money than sense because it wouldn’t take much to make that restaurant a gold mine instead of an expensive CiCi’s (at best). I’m sure he’s a great guy though.
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  16. Did you see a couple of white guys in MAGA hats holding a noose and a bottle of bleach? The Chicago PD would like to question them.
  17. I have to go there four to five times a year for work related stuff. It was initially pretty cool but the novelty is wearing off now.
    Definitely not filled with the type of people I would share similar beliefs with. The constant protesting in the street following Trump’s victory showed me how they really are.
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  18. Feels like a place that took over an old college bar, painted everything black and installed booths and tables they bought from a Bennigan’s going out of business sale. And then despite the fact that their pizzas take 45-60 minutes to cook, they have [ #2020 ]ty drinks and worse bar service. They should be making a killing off alcohol alone.
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  19. Steel hesitates to generalize about the people per se as steel knows many really good folks there (in northern burbs) but the way the city, and state, are run is a national disgrace. Not focused on as much as Cali but every bit as bad. No wonder the population of IL is decreasing and it’s losing federal representatives.
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  20. scheiss Chicago

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