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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Thanks buddy
  2. Probably. Thanks for that. Today is blood day and a laugh is appreciated because my arm is sore from previous blood draws and the two MRI’s with contrast from last week. One wad screwed up so they had to re-do and that meant another IV

    cancer sucks
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  3. More like nurse Ratchett
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  4. That’s ratchet as darn that you have a ratchet nurse who’s name is Ratchett!
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  5. [​IMG]
    Maybe she’s the Binford Tool Girl.

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  6. I appreciate that you have shared what you're going through. Continue to know that everyone here is wishing/hoping/praying for the best outcome--regardless of how any message is expressed. You belong to us and we claim a vested interest in your well-being. (No response required--but just know this!)
  7. Thank you

    This isn’t fun by any means but when I walk through the oncologists office or like this morning the radiologists office and see how sick and I mean truly sick some of those people are, I really have to thank God for how good I do have it.

    But I am really humbled when I see the spirit these people have and it inspires me because they all take a second to smile and wish me luck

    So sore arm from IV’s, blurry vision, no big deal. I got this and thank God it’s not worse
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  8. Wes, you joked about losing your hair.
    If so, you got some bald henna art ideas already?
  10. Sorry my post ended up in the middle of your post. I think my IPhone needs some medical intervention.

    What I said was, I know what you mean -Seeing little kid so sick with grids drawn on them so the radiation guys know where to shoot is the worst.
  11. i can only imagine and while I haven't seen kids yet, i know that I will

    i get emotional when iI see them so i just hope that its a quick glance
  12. The young ones will rip your heart out. God is with you, Wes, say a prayer for the kids.
  13. Talk to them. They're tough as nails. They'll see this differently than you will and you'll draw strength from them.

    Best of luck Wes.
  14. Ring that bell Wes, always good to hear from you......
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  15. you're right. I remember Micah and that sweet child went through

    tough as nails is a great way to put it

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