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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. When you look up Frog Factor in the dictionary you find a picture of Wes.
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    I’d like to think you’d see a pic of Micah Ahern

    He went through far more than I have to
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  3. Wes
    It has been 8 years 7 months since my last chemo pill and radiation treatment
    I expect you to be a survivor TOO
    fight it with all you got and never ever give up!
    Keep a good attitude about it, the mental side of the fight is for more important than most people realize.
    praying for you
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  4. Go git' em baby. You and Lord got this.
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  5. Is there a Nurse Clarice to this story?
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    Thanks Ross. I’ve told my friends and family to keep me laughing because if my sense of humor leaves me, I’m doomed

    Thanks for the kind thoughts and prayers and congrats on your recovery

    Mine comes after 29 more-radiation treatments an God only knows how many pills but I am determined to ring that remission bell. It’ll be rung for all of you who have supported me with prayers,positive thoughts and well wishes. It’ll be rung for my wife, daughter and family in Australia. It’ll be rung for all Horned Frogs who have gone through this and for those who yet have to

    But mark it down, that bell will be rung
  7. Laughs for Wes (and anyone else who needs a laugh)

  8. Bald is beautiful.
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  9. I'll find out soon
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  10. damn thatsgood

  11. Wes, an increasingly higher percentage of people are beating this and living on for many years afterwards.. I just feel good karma about your situation..
  12. It's on...like...

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  13. me too and I quit reading reading about this because its depressing
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  14. Wes is right, too much reading, not enough laughing.

    So. Anyone like Tom Hanks?
    As the next James Bond?

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  15. Yeah they’re pretty intimidating looking. I can’t imagine being claustrophobic and wearing one of those things. Godspeed on your treatment/recovery, pulling for you.
  16. that thing is like wearing a concrete mask

    when they lock it down, there is no moving your face

    then they turn the beam on and leave the room, leaving me there to start glowing
  17. You know the rules...

    Kick its ass.
  18. Soooo, you have SuperPowers now, right?
    Can you speak in a combo clipped, precise, British, French, Afrikaner accent too?

    Marvel, line 2.
  19. I’m kicking it in the nads and tossing it out
    i speak English and Profane with a touch of Aussie, mate
  20. Should be easier to read the menus in dark restaurants?

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