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It's official: Big 10 to postpone, attempt to restart in spring

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Sweat Equity, Aug 11, 2020.

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    Well, there's still riots, looting and murders in Democrap cities. There's still quarantines and businesses/schools prohibited from opening back up in Democrap states. Still no trial with evidence still being suppressed in the George Floyd case. And the Big10 commissioner who has openly stated that he wants to politicize athletes.

    But none of this is about Trump.
  2. Are you shocked? He is in someways worse than LVH and he has a history for being a subtle racist on here
  3. God bless them both !!!.
  4. I dunno, why did FWISD start school after Labor Day instead of mid August as originally planned? Is it some master plot funded by George Soros and perpetrated by the evil Dr. Fauci to somehow screw Trump? Not everyone cares about politics. Not everyone cares about college football. Not many would jump to the conclusion that — “hey I’m usually enjoying college football by now. Hmmm, must be Trump’s doing.” To think this is some diabolical plan to disrupt the political season is absurd. I think the 180,000+ dead Americans is probably onerous enough on its own, kthanksbye.
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  6. Thine words seem said soft and drip with insincerity, Tyler. Perchance you may be someone who cares too much about the body politic.
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    180,000 thousand and that number is fact. No argument. Your assuring that China and politics had no say on how that number was acquired? If a Democrat was President the death toll would be much higher and the whole country would still be locked down. You'd still be in your mothers basement. That too is fact.
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  8. I have it on good authority from Matt Damon and Don Lemon that only Democrats know how to science. Shut your flat-earther mouth and render the proper salute!
  9. Unfortunately there is politics in literally everything, how much or little you believe is your own prerogative but there is some of it present always.
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  10. Y’all shouldn’t bother engaging with a fake person.
  11. Plural
  12. Okay, change the number to 5. Five dead Americans. Still too many. And my mom doesn’t have a basement. BOOM, roasted.
  13. Okay you win, a bunch of colleges decided to cancel their football seasons on the off chance it might cause some people to blame the incumbent President. What a joke.
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  14. If you say so, but you did not say you weren't on her computer. I hope you at least pay rent, if your old enough.
  15. I will not rest until no American ever dies again.
  16. I'm 70, so do keep me/us up on your progress!
  17. "Thus, he secured the first, and most important plank in his 'Eternal Life Forever!' political platform..."
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  18. Anyone over 10 is old enough to pay rent. But, I haven’t lived with my mom since moving out over 30 years ago.

    I hope “your” satisfied with that, big boy.
  19. Gonna die anyway.
  20. Hmmm...

    The White House requested the Big Ten call yesterday. Trump & commissioner Warren spoke for 15-20 minutes this morning, agreeing that football shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Both sides pledged to work to return fall athletics as soon as possible.

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