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It's official: Big 10 to postpone, attempt to restart in spring

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Sweat Equity, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. The Big 10 and Pac 12 playing in the spring will be like the XFL. At first people will tune in, but people will lose interest as we go along especially since there is no playoff or bowl at the end.
  2. wow, thought showing some cajones might make some others do so
  3. That move pushed the numbers over 50% for those deferring to Spring. Per the NCAA guidelines a week ago, there will be no NCAA Fall Championships for those sports with a postseason tournament (Soccer, Volleyball, etc). So you can win your conference then it’s game over.
  4. Much easier decision for them since football isn't part of the equation.
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  5. And who would turn them down? Games with either of those teams would be a money maker and ESPN would be drooling all over that.
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  6. Right, to be clear this is the Big East, the non-football conference with all the Catholic schools. It is not the American / AAC, the football-playing conference that formerly called itself the Big East.
  7. Literally every single time I go ride my bike there is a pickup basketball game being played at the park along the trail. Anywhere from 10-20 kids from the ages of probably 12 to 18 hanging around one court taking turns playing. Normal neighborhood stuff. Not that it matters but mostly hispanic and some black kids. Soccer games going on in the field next to the courts. Family members (wives, kids, sisters) watching from the sidelines. I'd bet anything those kids aren't being tested before they go play. No write-ups in the paper, no twitter outrage, no nothing, yet that is absolutely no safer or less likely to spread COVID than an NCAA final four game played on CBS. In fact, it's probably less safe since there are no protocols in place. That scene is playing out all over the country.

    I wish they'd just come out and say what is really at play here.....the threat of getting sued and fear of the media mob. The idea that it's health and safety related is just insulting everyone's intelligence, unless people really are that dumb. Like those athletes are just gonna be holed up in their room isolated from each other all fall. SMH. These decisions are cowardly and stupid.
  8. I...er....wait how did that relate to what I said?
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  9. I wasn’t necessarily responding to you personally, just to the fact that the Big East and all these other conferences are postponing or cancelling fall sports.
  10. Yep. No surprise the Catholics pull out.
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  11. Quite the opposite.
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  12. Infections and deaths from Covid-19 are much higher for hispanics.
  13. So after they pull out, they have to wait til spring to restart? smh
  14. I saw what you did there.
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  15. Simple. You explained the structure of the BigEast vs the old football BigEast.
    Then Wex replied to your post saying that cancelling football season was cowardly and stupid because kids are playing sports all over the place with no ill effects. What could be simpler?
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  17. Does this mean the pandemic is over on November 4?
  18. Iowa and Nebraska just need to make a few phone calls to Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State. They all said publicly that they wanted to play. Then a few calls to some PAC teams, say Colorado and Utar, probably a few more want to play. BYU (holding my nose) definitely wants to play and I bet Boise would play. That's 9 teams right there for an 8 game schedule with 4 home and 4 away.
    Then call a couple of networks that just got jilted by the Big10 and the PAC. Bet they would jump at the chance to have a college football season to sell to their advertising partners.
    This could get done in one day with about a dozen phone calls. Gives the finger to Larry Scott and Kevin Warren. What are they going to say? "You're out of the conference for good?" Hardly. More likely there will be more schools that want in. And now the new "#WeWantToPlay" conference has all the leverage. And probably the Rose Bowl too.
    How do you like them apples?
  19. Actually Nebraska only needs to make one phone call: to the jilted network. "Hello, Fox? Say, if we could put together 9 teams from the Big10 and PAC, and maybe Boise and BYU, would you guys be interested in broadcasting the games?"

    Fox (or whomever) "Well hell yes we would."

    Nebraska: "How much would you be willing to pay us?"

    Fox: (calculator clicking in the background) "How about $20million per team? Let me make a few phone calls and I can probably guarantee you more."

    Nebraska: "Sounds good, by the time you get back to me I can probably have the teams lined up. Thanks."

    Nebraska calls Kevin and Larry: "Hey, we put together a little deal with Fox to broadcast the games of the Big10 and PAC schools that really want to play this year. They say they can pay us $30mil each this year. We'll see you next fall."

    Deafening silence before Kevin and Larry fold up like deck chairs.

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