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It’s official... Chad Morris fired after 22 games

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TCU_backer, Nov 10, 2019 at 10:42 AM.

  1. Arkansas with swift decision making...

  2. Amazing how awful they are.
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  3. Swift would have been after the SJSU loss. This was an exsanguination.
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  4. You made that up.
  5. The move to the SEC in 1992 made them irrelevant.
  6. I heard it just means more.
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  7. He was a pretty good OC at Clemson, right?
  8. Yup. I’ll take him
  9. Forgot about that. Sign me up.
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    Office Razorback fan told me Friday that if the Hogs lost to W. Kentucky he was gone. I guess his son may decide to look elsewhere
  11. not according to Clemson fans, they didn’t get to their current level until he left

    He was part of the reason Clemson was a synonym for choking. Had a ton of talent with Sammy Watkins, Boyd, etc.
  12. Also recruited Sammy Watkins, Tajh Boyd and DeShaun Watson I believe.

    Edit : ticket beat me to it
  13. Some great tweet replies there. Such as, "I have the same amount of SEC wins as Morris." Ouch. I didn't realize he never won a conference game.
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  14. And to take that a step further, he’s never won a game as a head coach against a P5 team
  15. We SMU and TCU fans need to come together and brand Tom Herman as the coach who lost to Chad Morris
  16. TCU new O Coordinator next Season?
  17. Funny if you read Arky forums one of their major criticism of him offensively is that he loves the screen...It made me laugh

    You can do a lot better than Morris as OC but sadly he would probably be an upgrade over Cumbie
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  18. scheiss to the scheiss yeahs. Do it today.

    EDIT: One stipulation: No more fagtacular dancing videos.
  19. Damn. SMU is having a really good year.
  20. It's a real thing, and I can prove it to you: File for divorce.

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