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Israel/Hamas War 2023 thread


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The sheer number of people who are aggressively anti-Israel on both sides of the aisle is shocking. I knew most of the left and far right extremists were fairly violent anti-semites, but the number of those on the right that think any support for Israel puts you in the warmongering neocon camp and those on the left excusing the behavior of these rampant "peaceful protests" are ridiculous.


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Having spent a few years working in SE Asia and traveling frequently to Hong Kong/Singapore/Bangkok et al, those cities are all better off for having been colonized to some degree (Bangkok was never "officially" colonized, but there was a huge English and American influence). Hate to say it, but the infrastructure is light years ahead of the rest of SE Asia (although the gap is narrowing).


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Supporters or rape, kidnapping and murdering babies

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