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Is this the trim on our new uniforms?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by gdu, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. Yes this needs to happen
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  2. The frogskin was cool up close but looked like camo PJ’s at a distance. Glad to see those go. I like these much simpler classic look uni’s better.
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  3. similar to the basketball uniforms.

    tex schram was very keen to how the cowboys' uniforms looked on television as opposed to how they looked in person in his efforts to create the national brand.

    those small patterns and details get lost at times and i think these new uniforms are a very clean look with patterns and details they are easy to see and identify
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. Meh. Colors are nice and clean but that crap around the neck has got to go.
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  6. I’d take that on every uniform over the “frogskin” camo look. FWIW I’ve already had a bunch of my buddies from other schools text me talking about how much they like these uniforms
  7. May be an unpopular opinion but wish we wouldn’t stripe the helmets. Love everything else
  8. positive response from two recruits who still have to sign
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  9. If the players like it, I do. I think they will look good on TV which is also a consideration
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  10. i am okay with the the stripe on the helmet, stripe of the facemask i am mehhh., but if these are popular with recruits i am good with it
  11. Here are all the possible combos. Well not all possible, but at least a lot of them:


  12. We are going to see that all white look a lot.
  13. How many people are aware what a horned frog looks like and that they have spikes around their neck? Some people know they shoot blood out of the eyes, but I am guessing 0 out of 100 people are aware of the spikes.
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  14. These uniforms are awesome! Anyone looking for one little thing they can point to that they don't love can just go to communist China where you belong.
  15. Really love the white uniforms. Definitely an upgrade to our previous set. I wish the black and purple jerseys had contrasting spikes instead of having the same color.

    The purple jersey with black and white/grey spikes would’ve looked much cleaner.
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    i would guess that number is a bit higher, me, someone on the nike design team, someone in our athletic department, people who saw the video of the horned frog statue etc.....

    hell, we are the school that clings to a cheer that i never heard once during my time on campus because it is a tradition and yet a uniform that pays tribute to to the freaking physical trait that gives the horned toad its name and you correlate that with duck feathers.

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  17. maybe make sure the cleats won't slip while you are over there

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