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Is Religion Necessary To Build and Maintain A Strong and Successful Civilization?

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by ThisIsOurTime, Jul 12, 2020.

  1. Yuri Bezmenov makes the claim that yes Religion is necessary. You can see his reasoning here:

    Is he right?
  2. Spirituality should be the most prudent goal. It can be achieved through organized religion... though religions by no means owns the road to spirituality.
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  3. Thanks for the response. I believe spirituality is too vague by itself because it can vary from person to person like subjective morality. As you say it needs some kind of objective structure that people can identify and share in and say this is how to be moral and behave. That type of bedrock provides something you can build a civilization around.
  4. Didn't watch the video but he's 100% right that religion is necessary.
  5. It is just 3 minutes. You should check it out.
  6. I believe in Baby Cheese-its.
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  7. Now that is blasphemy !!
  8. It may have been, then the enlightenment occurred.
  9. Is our society enlightened now? I would say we are regressing and moving away from a strong and successful civilization. And if the enlightenment or more recently cultural Marxism has led us to this point, maybe we should walk away from it.
  10. when do you start talking about bowing to bill gates?
  11. That is merely a symptom of the larger problem. Here, we are talking about the larger, overarching issue. Yuri Bezmenov was making the argument that if our civilization had a strong faith, we would not have those other issues because they would be pushed out of society and not allowed to take root.
  12. curious, if i recall correctly the nation of israel had a very real and ongoing problem with this basically as soon as they set the first foot outside of egypt

    the playbook is not new nor the problems and faith isn't what saves us in the end because if we could achieve anything through our faith there would have been no need for the sacrifice

    we will have these problems as long as we have choice, always did, do now, and it revelations we see it again even during the reign of the millennial kingdom
  13. One could say it goes back to Adam and Eve even. But the Bible would support Yuri's argument that when the Israelites followed their faith and honored God they were blessed. And when they went away from their faith, bad things were soon to follow for them.

    Faith in Jesus and grace given by Jesus are what saves us in the end. His sacrifice was to show that following the Mosaic law was insufficient.

    That is true but we are still called to honor God, love our neighbor as thyself and spread the gospel. In other words, stand up for good and not fall for evil. Either way, we reap what we sow as society. But good men should not be silent during such times and instead should be like Paul in 2 Timothy 4:7 so they can say at the end of their days:

    "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."
  14. I personally believe that moral and ethical beliefs come from somewhere divine whether/not the person holding said beliefs acknowledges the existence of the divine. We can still be friends if you disagree.
  15. The Enlightenment happened, one can lead a horse to trough but can't make him drink.

    So Manifest Destiny yea? That was out of love and done in God's image. Should we discuss the details, I hear the devil is in the details?
  16. You aren't dealing with the issue and deflecting. Bad ideas are still bad ideas. It does matter if people decide to adopt them or not. And if you surround society with bad ideas, you can't be shocked when some people adopt some of those bad ideas. And their bad decisions become a burden to others. A responsible parent still will put curfews on their kids to protect them and discourage bad behavior in their kids. And so it should be the same for responsible adults as they attempt to do the same for the rest of society.
  17. So just to be clear:

    Were the ideas that encapsulate the following true or false?


    Manifest Destiny?

    These are true or false questions. Please use a simple 'True' or 'False' for clarity, thanks.
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    You seem to want to talk about Manifest Destiny. That is fine but you are changing the subject without addressing my question about whether our current society is enlightened. It seems you want to say Manifest Destiny was a bad thing so it somehow makes it ok all the bad things that are present in our current society. Or you believe because people believe in God that they cannot ever sin or do wrong. And so if such people do sin, it somehow negates them having a strong and
    successful civilization and makes it ok for many in society to abandon God even if it means you have more bad things going on in current society.
  19. Wouldn’t say it’s necessary, but my life works better with it, even with some reservations about the entirety of the creed. Your results may vary.
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  20. Religion(s) in general .... or do you have a specific one in mind.

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